Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Little Obsession: 3D Printer Jewelry

I always say that I'm kinda disappointed in the world. Our ancestors of 100 years ago did not expect the year 2014 to look so much like the year 1924. We are supposed to be living in space and traveling by hovercraft while wearing metallic, trashbag outfits. Not sitting on the same dirt floor the Pilgrims did with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (the ultimate Basic meal) for lunch. However,Google is stepping up it's game and created a program where you can design your own bracelet using HTML and CSS that can actually be made with a 3D printer for you to wear. As a girl who is overly excited about the Web Design class I get to take next semester and has seen the magic that comes to life through a 3D printer I am geeking out over this technology.

The stylish cuffs can be customized to make any phrase you can code and comes in a variety of colors. Leandra Medine and co of The Man Repeller modeled the designs they made last week on their blog and I am utterly obsessed. Once I get a chance to sit down and go through the program I'll be designing a bracelet of my own. Maybe once I get pretty good at coding I can convince my bosses to let me print out my designs on the "Strictly Business" 3D printer in the office. Cetus Lapetus!!

Photos by The Man Repeller