Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's Baaack!: Pretty Little Liars x Aeropostale

One of my very first posts as a blogger was titled "It's Baaack!: Pretty Little Liars" which I wrote in preparation for the Pretty Little Liars season 4 winter premiere. I didn't really watch the show but I spent my entire Christmas break catching up on all the seasons to make sure I knew my stuff. I didn't watch an episode past the season premiere and I don't plan on watching season 5 until the entire season is over and released in bulk so i can watch it in one sitting. But at the end of the original Pretty Little Liars post I promised I'd do a "review" of the recently released Pretty Little Liars Collection for Aeropostale. I regret saying that 100 times over because once the collection was released and with every added piece thereafter I've been disappointed. The clothes were not at all what I was expecting and didn't look nearly as fabulous as the clothes the Liars had worn in the previous seasons. Hannah Marin has impeccable style but the outfits inspired by her for the collection all seemed like things you'd find in any Hollister, Rue21, or American Eagle store already. Spencer had some potential but all of her pieces seemed too preppy and forced. Spencer's style seemed easy and cohesive on the show but the collection made it look harsh and overdone. I understand that Emily is suppose to be the athletic sporty girl of the clique, but I wish the designers behind the collection would have tried harder to make her pieces less sporty and more stylish. Aria is the only one who seemed to stay almost true to form. The pieces inspired by her were eccentric and outgoing just like her character, but they also seemed juvenile and somewhat playground chic at times. This collection could have been so good, but it really fell flat. Let's hope the last installment set to hit stores in August will be it's redeeming factor. Fingers crossed.

Photo from Polyvore