Friday, June 6, 2014

The Big [Pretty] Picture

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Well, that's true... but a picture is also worth a thousand feelings that evoke a million and one inspirational thoughts. A single pretty picture can get me brainstorming for new post ideas, outfit ideas, shopping ideas, reading list ideas, and project ideas. Sometimes a pretty picture can get me excited about the day ahead of me or happy to try a new trend or outfit. And at the end of a particularly stressful or tiring day I like to look at pretty pictures to relax and fantasize about all the impossible things I'd like to one day achieve. 

What defines a pretty picture is different for everyone. What one person might think is artistic and inspiring might be another's idea of a creative train wreck. The important thing is that you know what your "pretty picture" looks like. Finding what inspires you and makes you happy with just a single glance is an all-important step in living a life full of glamorous revelations. Surrounding yourself with pretty pictures (however you define that to be) in any way such as a Pinterest board, gallery wall, or a picturesque coffee table book can boost your mood a hundred times over. Be on a mission to look for pictures that make you smile and arouse your inner creative mind. Create a Pinterest board just for pins that made you feel excited, pretty, happy or inspired. Or start a gallery wall of pretty pictures and/or prints you love that will inspire you every time you walk past it. Even a coffee table book full of pictures you find aesthetically pleasing can change your mood for the better.

I love to look at magazines and flip through coffee table books (Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Things We Love by Kate Spade New York, and The Teen Vogue Handbook by Teen Vogue are some of my favorites) just to look at the pretty pictures and get inspired. I also have a board on Pinterest dedicated to "pretty things" that I look at whenever I want to feel glamorous. No one's pretty picture looks exactly the same so go out and find some pictures that make you happy and excited and pretty and glamorous all at the same time.

Here's a look at some of my pretty pictures. Your pretty picture can be anything. Nothing is too plain or ridiculous. One of mine is a zebra in a feathered crown for goodness sake.
maya hayuk
All Things Girly & Beautiful
Sunrise over Llanganuco Valley, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
zsa zsa zebra
by kittypinkstars on flickr