Thursday, June 12, 2014

Links a la Mode: Image Is Everything?

Happy Thursday, lovelies! I'm so excited that I got selected for this week's Links a la Mode on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I've talked about how great IFB is before and I will never forget how excited I was the first time I was chosen for their weekly roundup. Read on to see all of the other articles featured along with mine. And if you're a blogger, head on over to their website because they are seriously awesome. Enjoy!


Image is Everything?

You could say that in fashion and beauty, "Image is everything." But is it really? Would you photoshop your images to look more model-like? If so, what's the difference between that and say, coloring your hair? Or wearing shapewear? Where does that line exist between getting a little help and "fabricating reality." This week we have some excellent posts, both on improving your looks with great beauty hacks and on where you can go too far when it comes to presenting your best face online.

Links à la Mode: June 12th