Thursday, June 26, 2014

Redecorating With Macarons And Peonies

In the beginning of May I ordered my first ever set of prints from Macarons and Peonies Shop. A lot of bloggers wrote about all the prints they had to decorate their homes and posted pictures on Instagram of their gorgeous decor so when I heard about Macarons and Peonies's grand opening and saw her sample prints I went straight to her Etsy shop and placed an order. I knew for sure I wanted the J'adore Macarons print, but it took some time for me to finally decide on the Creme de la Creme print of the Eiffel Tower. I didn't have frames by the time they arrived so they spent a while in their envelope on my desk. A few weeks ago I visited an antique shop and bought a truckload of 5x7 and 8x10 gold and black frames for them so I could finally put them up in my room/office space. Once I framed them and put them up on my desk and bookshelf I fell in love. I wanted to redecorate my entire desk space to compliment the je ne sais quoi of the Creme de la Creme print and reorganize my bookshelf to match the colorful youthfulness of the J'adore Macarons print.

Not too long after, Macarons and Peonies announced on Instagram that it was having another $5 print sale! Of course I rushed over to her shop to add three more prints to my cart. I chose the J'adore Diptyque Candle print, an extra Creme de la Creme print, and her personal favorite the Heels, Bows, And Lipstick print. Once they arrived I immediately framed them and rearranged my room again like I was trying to put together a puzzle. I added a little flair by hanging my Harper Designs necklace from the J'adore Dyptique Candle frame and permanently stationed my flowers and Pretty Please nail polish by the Creme de la Creme print. A little glamour goes a long way so I transferred my bauble bangles and hair ties from their boring cardboard box containers into gold trimmed tea party plates. And to keep me inspired I always have a pile of goodies from different shops sitting atop my desk (you'll hear more about that later!) with an issue of Nylon and Teen Vogue.

As a finishing touch I exchanged the bright, floral tank tops and skirts hanging from the clothing rack in my room for a selection of my favorite black, grey, and white pieces so that I could have them on hand for a quick outfit change when needed. Having pretty clothes is 10x better when you can use them to decorate your room to look more glamorous. My entire living space mixes together to create a subtle Parisian theme with a heavy tone of color and summer inspiration. Hopefully when Macarons and Peonies's next collection comes out I'll have some ideas floating around my head to change my room up a bit and give it a whole new look.

All Prints (excluding "Hello" print) from Macarons and Peonies Shop