Monday, June 2, 2014

For The Love Of Shopping

Up until Memorial Weekend I think I forgot how much I love to shop. With the small town options I have where I live and my love for handcrafted, small business goods I've been clocking in major online shopping time in place of going out and hitting the town. However with all of the Memorial Day sales and different shops and malls Dallas and my hometown have to offer I couldn't sit behind a computer screen all day. I bought Korean inspired chaptstick from Forever 21 and luxe black pencils topped with golden crowns from my favorite local store in Oklahoma City, Lucca. I also made my first Sephora, MAC, H&M, Ulta, Cotton On, and Kate Spade purchases all this weekend.

Now I know why everyone is obsessing over H&M. I love the dress I got from there (on sale for $5!) and the two-piece swimsuit I got is so cute. And I am absolutely in love with my MAC lipglass in Pink Nouveau. I know I talked about how much I love Avon's Darling Pink lipglaze but MAC's Pink Nouveau tops my list. I'd actually never heard of Cotton On until a read a post about it on The Man Repeller early last week. The idea of a store that specializes in cotton basics like t-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, and tank tops that exude Australian classic cool was reason enough to stop by the store and take a look around. And I'm totally in love with my Kate Spade notebooks in the classic striped and foral "Live It/Love It" set. They're the perfect size to fit in my purse for jotting down fashion and blog inspiration on the go (especially since my iPhone is broken). Lastly, my Juicy Couture perfume double-sided rollerball from Sephora and my cherry lemonade Love + Toast lip balm from Ulta. I'm on a search for my signature scent that comes with the perfect miniaturized accessories and Juicy Couture and Love + Toast have amazing options. It didn't hurt that the lip balm tubs from Love + Toast are absolutely adorable. I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

Of course I couldn't not go online shopping just because I made some awesome purchases in store. Emma Fl(h)air had a limited edition free gift with purchase for all purchases made on Memorial Weekend. Harper Designs had a 40% off sale that made me do a double take when I saw the announcement on Instagram. Now I have the chunky dalmatian jasper bangle I talked about way-back-when and have been lusting after for only God knows how long to go along with my white crystal druzy necklace. Speaking of baubles I also ordered a custom bauble bangle from Britter and Jo for 15% and free shipping. I combined their Spring Fling Stack from their newest collection into one bangle so I can have spring's "it" colors on one bracelet to wear with the rest of my arm party. I am absolutely in love with it (confession: sometimes I twirl it around my fingers just to bask in its beauty) and thanks to the lovely surprise I found in the package I now have not 2 but 3 Britter and Jo bangles to rock this summer! And to top off my ridiculously great shopping weekend I ordered a custom set of hair ties from Riled Violets to bump my summer hair game up 3 notches. I was going to give some of them away as gifts but I love them way too much. The only way I could part with these super cute hair ties is if I knew more were on their way in the mail.