Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fashion As An Art Form

This is not an outfit post. Well... it kinda sorta is because I posted pictures of me in outfits for this article, but it's not that kind of outfit post. I'm not going to tell you about how much I absolutely love all of the pieces I'm wearing (even though I really do) or what I did while wearing these outfits. What I'm going to say is that these outfits mean something different to me now than when I was wearing them. The days these photos were taken I felt pretty and put together. My jewelry made me smile because I bought them from indie brands most people have never heard of and I thought my clothes were fantastic because I paired them together so well to make a unique yet stylish look. Now I look at these photos and I think of art. Fashion is an art form that we all partake in everyday when we get dressed. Even those of us who think we are exempt from Fashion's tight grip are caught right in it's fist. The clothes we wear and how we wear them tell a story. These outfits all tell a similar story to me even though they are so very different. Location, time of day, outfit type, body position, and even facial expression (well... what you can see of it in the third picture, at least) are all different in every one of these photos, yet when I look at them I get the same feeling inside. They are so similar and connected in a way that can only be conveyed through art. Fashion is so much deeper than the world gives it credit for. Ever article of clothing, piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, and handbag means something beyond it's appearance. Fashion is art; sometimes it just takes three oddly similar but vastly different photos to show it.

Dress: Gianni Bini, Vest: Maurice's, Necklace: Harper Designs, Sandals: Rue21,
Floral Top: Belk, Necklace: Love Is, Bangle (top): Harper Designs, Bangle (bottom): Britter and Jo,
Shorts: Rue21, Necklace: Harper Designs, Bangles (on right): Harper Designs/Britter and Jo, Beaded Bracelet (on left): Caged Bird Blog

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