Monday, June 30, 2014

13 Internet Posts I Loved This Month

Probably because it's summer and I have so much more free time but this month I had an overwhelming amount of posts I wanted to feature in June's "Posts I Loved" roundup. They usually have some universal theme or connect together in some way but this time around they all have just one thing in common -- they're just plain great. So instead of overwhelming you with 4 dozen awesome posts from around the internet I'm going to break it up into pieces and feature a little bit each week. It's going to be like an unofficial mini series since I've declared July the month of series (I really don't know the plural for that word). I'll feature a weekly series almost every weekday on AGR throughout the month of July and hopefully throughout the month of August if everything turns out right. To celebrate the last few days of June here are some of the greatest things that graced my iPhone and laptop screen this month.

Twitter: This tweet cracks me up. Pretty Little Liars has such insane popularity and I have no clue how ABC Family plans to milk it for another 2 seasons, especially since PLL seasons are usually split into part A and part B so it's almost like 4 full seasons.

@nytimesfashion: I love soccer. I really do. I mean I've worked as a soccer referee for 4 years for goodness sake! But men's soccer doesn't entertain me nearly as much as women's. Howweverrr, these soccer balls look amazeballs (thank you, Guiliana Rancic for getting me hooked on that word!). No pun intended.

Loser Girl Wins: Loser Girl Wins is one of my favorite blogs to read. I feel like Sarah is me in another life which means pretty much anything she picks out as one of her favorite things will have me obsessed. PLUS she loves unicorns so that's an ultimate bonus!

Chioma's Evolution Of Style: Chioma just got married so while she was away she had a series of guest bloggers share a bit about their style and wardrobe. My favorite was Tara with her mix 'n' match outfits. The best look? A floral top with a striped skirt.

@ttlyteala: Teala Dunn has such a pretty face and her hair always looks amazing. I wouldn't mind having my hair like this for the rest of my life.
Twitter: Great advice can be so simple at times.

Breakfast At Vogue: I've fallen in love with Courtney's blog as of late and I can't get enough of this white jacket she has. It looks so comfy and it has such an understated coolness about it. Her blogs photography is enough to make you contemplate the underlying meaning of any outfit you own.

O My Darlings: I have four words for you. HER. ROOM. LOOKS. GORGEOUS.

O My Darlings: And now I have 7 more. HER. DAUGHTER'S. ROOM. IS. SUPER. CUTE. TOO.

Fashionista: Fashionista is the queen of looking at fashion news from its dark underside and revealing the not-so-glamorous side of all the frills we see. This month's pick: Is Instagram Killing Personal Style Blogs?

Style Vanity: Who doesn't love a pretty makeup area?! These 23 unconventional ways to store your makeup are like a Glamour Girl dream.

Fashion Barbie: I don't watch runway shows so Fashion Barbie's reviews and recaps are always my go to place for high fashion news and trend photos. These looks from Burberry Prorsum will having you wishing you lived in London. But honestly... Don't we already.

Fancy Things: Beachwear is one of my favorite styles in the summer. Even though I don't live anywhere near a beach I find myself dressing like I'll be spending a day on the sand and this coral dress would go so well with all of the outfit ideas I have in my head.

Photos from all respective blogs and Instagram accounts.