Friday, June 13, 2014

She Loved Life And It Loved Her Right Back

This week has gone by so fast. Getting up everyday at 6:30 during the summer to go and work can be draining, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Spending all day with the little kindergarten and first graders in my class is more than I could ever ask for because they are just so cute and sweet. The kids, advisors, teachers, and the other assistants make me feel so lucky and blessed to have a job I love when so many people my age are working drive thrus or cleaning tables at restaurants. I keep having to remind myself of my New Year resolutions so that this summer can be the best yet. Doing the things I enjoy more often has changed the way I look at life so for the summer I want to step it up a notch and go all out. Try new things, meet new people, shop at new stores, and live the life I always wish I had.

I spent this week reading all of the magazines I picked up on vacation Memorial weekend. I got to pick up a few British editions that I don't usual get when I'm home like Glamour UK, Company, and InStyle UK Mini Edition. I also wore my "M" necklace that I got from the Claire's Delicates collection. I absolutely love monogram jewelry and an upper case gold "m" is exactly what I needed for my collection. 

Yesterday I changed my iPhone lock screen to a picture of The Kinsey scarf necklace in pink from the Mignonne Gavigan Instagram page. I am obsessed with all of her pieces and want the Kinsey so badly but I don't have $500 to drop on a piece of jewelry at the moment. Seeing the picture every time I pick up my phone is a little reminder of the glamorous life I will get the opportunity to live in the future. For now I'll stick with the two DIY versions I've made.

 I also made my own print over the weekend and framed it with the new frames I bought from an antique store on Wednesday. Technically it's just a photograph I took and printed at CVS but I am really proud of it and put it on my desk next to all the other professionally made prints I've purchased.

I keep saying I don't need more bauble bangles but I always buy more. The bangles I won from Fired and Wired's Instagram giveaway arrived today and they are so adorable. I love pink and I was planning on buying the Barbie Stack anyway so winning it was like a mini miracle. I added it to my growing stack of baubles that I'll probably be wearing everyday with every outfit. They go perfectly with my summertime nails I did on Thursday. I originally just wanted solid hot pink but decided last minute to add Ciate glitter and lemon and apple slice decals. They're so over the top, it's great! Actually they're borderline obnoxious but I love them anyway. Nail art will never go out of style in my book.

Creme De La Creme print: Macarons and Peonies, Magazine: Glamour UK, Necklace/Scarf: Mignonne Gavigan, Bangles (top-bottom): Fired and Wired c/o, Britter and Jo c/o, Fired and Wired c/o, Britter and Jo, Jet Chic Arm Candy, Britter and Jo, Harper Designs