Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Channel Your Inner CosmoGirl!

Which free spirit girl are you? #F21FreeSpirit #TheNowBlog
I love a good ol' fashion CosmoGirl personality/style quiz. I used to spend my days in Computer Applications class taking quiz after quiz on to find out which summer trend I should try, what my shoe personality is, who my celebrity twin is, and what TV bad boy would be my soulmate. They're all fun and games but each quiz taught me more about myself than I knew before. I was forced to answer hard-hitting questions about what I do with my free time, what I wear to go out, and what makes me tick. Questions I wouldn't normally confront head on. In a way, these little quizzes was my way of soul searching.

Of course I'm only kidding, but I do love a good personality/style quiz. They really do help me discover who I am and what I like. How else would I know what Pretty Little Liar character I am most like or what perfume describes my personality best? So for your entertainment here's a quiz to discover which free spirit girl you are from Forever21's blog. And for added fun I've including The Man Repeller's quick little quiz to see how much you repel the opposite sex. (And a few more fun ones from the great Leandra and co. if you have extra time here and here)


Photos by Forever21, The Man Repeller