Friday, May 23, 2014

You're Styling Your Graphic Tee All Wrong

Unless you're styling your graphic tees the way these lovely ladies above have done you're doing it wrong. Graphic tees are amazing when it comes to wardrobe versatility because they really can be dressed up or down in 101 different ways.

Take row one for example. Pencil skirts are the epitome of office chic in my book so pairing it with a graphic tee takes Casual Friday to Marvelous Monday! Of course adding a pair of heels and statement bag to your office ensemble wouldn't hurt either.

Row two creates the combination of graphic tees and blazers to make a beautiful mixture of classy and sassy. Again, this is a perfect look for the office when done right, but can also be a good for a fancy day on the beach, strolling around town, or just doing whatever it is you do during the day.

And for a day out with friends, row three's got you covered. We're keeping it simple by placing a graphic tee over a pair of everyday pants. Your choice of crossbody or clutch and depending on your mood and the time of day will dictate flats or heels.

I don't think any of us have trouble styling a graphic tee for the weekend, but just in case you have a brain fart and need help getting dressed this Saturday morning, here are three flawless ways to wear your graphic tee.

Photo from Ruffles and Sequins