Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Number One Rule of Internships

For a lot of people summer time = internship time. I am not an intern. I'd love to be one but unfortunately I am not. However I do spend a lot of my time volunteering and doing intern-like work because really that's all an intern really is -- a glorified volunteer. Fashion internships have gotten a lot of heat for their ethical conduct which has made getting one increasingly difficult. But I'm not writing this post to discuss the ins and outs of fashion internships. I'm writing this because if and when you do get an internship in any industry there are a few little things you can do to make a big difference in how your intern experiences turn out. One of the most important things I've been told about internships is to send thank you notes. So many times interns and unpaid assistants forget that they are not the only one providing a service. At the end of any and every internship the intern should send a hand written thank you note to the person or people he/she worked for directly. It shows you appreciate the opportunity and it makes you more memorable because down the road you will probably need the connections you made during your internship. Who do you think will have an advantage: the intern who sent a one line e-mail at the end of the summer or the one who sent a hand-written card to show his/her appreciation?

So for all of you lovely readers I'm giving away a customized thank you card from Light Rust Studio! I have been obsessed with their designs (especially this "Hello" greeting card!) since I first found them on Instagram 2 months ago so it's only fitting that a custom thank you card from them would be my first giveaway. The winner will get to design his or her very own thank you card that will be handmade by Light Rust Studio. Just about anything you can think of can be put on your thank you card. Just look at all the pictures above of the amazing designs they've already done for customers! The giveaway will be hosted on Instagram so head on over to the A Glamorous Revelation page to enter and read the contest rules.