Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Boy, The Pashli, & The M.A.C.

I am no Bag Snob, but I do love a good purse. Particularly a crossbody. More specifically, the trifecta that is the Boy, the Pashli, and the M.A.C. It's safe to say that the Chanel Boy bag has taken over the fashion industry. Appearing in magazine after magazine and on blogger after blogger the Boy can easily be considered a wardrobe essential. And by essential I mean a $5,000 trend that will probably go out of style within the next 5 years and be considered a vintage classic within the next 30. But if I had $5,000 burning a hole in my pocket, it would more than likely transform into this particular version of the Boy bag faster than you could say oh my Chanel!

Running a close second is the Pashli Mini by Phillip Lim. I already own my own version of the iconic bag (talked about here and worn here) which I love so very much. The way it holds a thousand and one things without feeling stuffed to the brim makes one feel like Mary Poppins. The Pashli has the option of open side zipper or closed side zipper allowing the wearer to go back and forth from buttoned-up, preppy career woman to slightly hipster. trend-setting diva whenever she pleases.

And in third is the Mini M.A.C. by Rebecca Minkoff. Thanks to Instagram I'm curently craving the Mini M.A.C. in pale pink and heather grey. For those of you who aren't familiar with Rebecca Minkoff and her most popular product as of late, M.A.C. stands for Morning After Clutch. But this fabulous bag is hardly confined to such situations. It comes in a variety of colors, prints, and finishes perfect for work, school, lounging, shopping, cycling, clubbing, and virtually any other activity you can come up with. Rebecca Minkoff is a luxury designer so the M.A.C. also costs a slightly hefty stack of cash, but a girl can dream!

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