Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rich Girl Wishlist

Doesn't every girl dream of one day being able to walk down the street in 5 inch heels with red soles to cushion her every step. Or maybe your dream is to one day walk into the office with a gleaming new Burkin hanging from the crevice of your elbow. Regardless of the specifics, every girl does or should have a Rich Girl Wishlist. The theory behind the Rich Girl Wishlist is that if you were ever to come upon a large sum of money you would buy a handful of luxury items that in your previous (i.e. current) financial situation would never dream of spending a pretty penny on. Not all the items on your Rich Girl Wishlist have to technically be luxury items. One of my items is a hanger, an expensive hanger but a hanger none the less. I dream of the day I'll be able to walk into a store, hand over my money, and receive each highly anticipated piece of fashion fantasy gold. My List has been in the making for years so owning any of these items constitutes as a milestone in my life. Shallow? Yes. But I don't care because I'll be one happy stylin' Rich Girl.

My Rich Girl Wishlist




$16 ea.




8. One cup of confetti from The Confetti Bar

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