Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pinterest's Untapped Fashion Resource

Pinterest is one of the few places I can go for inspiration and never be disappointed. It may not be the inspiration I was looking for, but inspiration is inspiration and I can make do with what I have. So why, after having a Pinterest account for over two years, am I just now discovering the gems that have been hidden in the Men's Fashion section? As a I scrolled through picture after picture of dapper men dressed in an array of garments I realized I had been missing out on dozens of glamorous revelations by not clicking on the tab labeled "Men's Fashion." I've called upon the opposite sex for fashion inspiration in the real world plenty of times yet I've ignored the masses of inspiration it's offered on social media. Am I the only one who's never used the Men's Fashion feature of Pinterest? I hope not because I'd hate to feel as though I am the only Pinterest user unaware of it's great offerings. But on the same token I hope so because I'd hate to think that anyone more than just myself feels a void in her life created by the absence of Pinterest's Men's Fashion section for the past 24 months. Really, though. Why hadn't I discovered this sooner?

Pictures from Pinterest