Friday, May 9, 2014

My Little Obsession: Semi-Precious Stones

I've mentioned before how much I love shopping on Instagram and discovering new brands and one of the things I've been on the look out for lately is jewelers who sell necklaces with semi-precious stones. A few weeks ago Harper Designs, one of my favorite brands that I've found via Instagram, introduced 3 semi-precious stone necklaces to their online store and posted the pictures on Instagram. I fell in love with the heart shaped white crystal necklace they had and went to order it as soon as I could. But by the time I was ready to checkout the necklace had sold out! I freaked out thinking that I would never be able to own the gorgeous piece of crystal art that graced my Instagram feed so I messaged them asking if they could reserve one for me in the next shipment. Two days ago I found a little package with the Harper Designs return address in the top left corner sitting in my mail box with none other than a gorgeous druzy necklace sitting inside. I hurriedly put it on and didn't take it off until I laid down to go to bed. It's so fabulous I don't think I will ever want to take it off. You need to have a piece of Harper Designs jewelry in your accessories collection so head on over to their website and get yourself something. And for added fun, here are 3 more great brands that sell great pieces of semi-precious stone jewelry (and you can find them all on Instagram!): LoKuDesigns, Free To Wander, and All Washed Up Jewelry.

Lauren, the creator of LoKuDesigns, has only been selling her jewelry for six months, but I can already tell they are going to be a hit. I particularly love her black half heart/angel wing crystal necklace and her necklace with a purple, grey, and black cylinder pendant. All of her pieces look incredibly luxe yet relaxed. I could see myself wearing all of these necklaces with my Sunday Best and my Casual Friday.

Free To Wander is brand new to the druzy jewelry business as well (it opened mid-March of this year!) but it's designs ad prices are to die for. Semi-precious stones can be on the pricey side so the Free To Wander Ocean Druzy Bangle for just $10 is a definite must have for summer. It's simple but makes a statement and looks fab stacked or by itself which makes it 100x better. When it comes to jewelry, versatility is key. You can also find peacock crystal chain rings, clear crystal headpieces, and amethyst slice necklaces (another favorite of mine!) all for $20 or less in the Free To Wander shop. Everything you can image all for prices you wouldn't believe. That sounded like a PR catchphrase but really, check them out. You won't regret it.

All Washed Up's Etsy shop only has a handful of semi-precious stone necklaces, but their Instagram is filled with pieces that look like they came out of a fairytale. They have necklaces with smooth stones, crystal stones, striped stones and solid stones. They even have square and heart shaped rings that have stone accents. Their pink and black agate necklaces would look fabulous hanging midway down my torso over all of my summer tank tops. Just looking at them makes me excited for Summer2K14.

Photos from and all respective Instagram accounts