Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In Defense of Being Trendy

How many times have you heard "I used to think fashion was about trends, but now I know it's about creating my own style." I have seen the very phrase or some variation of it in at at least two dozen magazines articles. Since when is fashion not about trends and who made it against the fashion law to be trendy?! Can a girl not actually like something that's popped up in 20 different stores? Maybe I'm being naive, but isn't popularity what makes trends, well, trendy. So why is it unfashionable to wear trends and be trendy? If everyone decides to stop participating in the newest trend and go against the grain, then they are in fact creating a new trend of their own. If everyone tries to become different, everyone inherently becomes the same. Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are full of pictures of girls dressed in almost identical outfits who all claim to be "different" and "original" just because they don't get their outfit inspiration from a runway show, magazine issue, or blog post. In reality we're all trendy, whether it be regurgitating what is in every popular magazine or just buying what we love at a chain store. So go and enjoy that outfit you bought and have already seen six other people wearing because guess what -- it's OK to like the same thing as someone else!

Photo from We Heart It