Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How To Be The Best Intern You Can Be

If you haven't already heard the amazing news: I'm hosting a giveaway! Yesterday I talked about the number one rule of internships (sending thank you notes) and decided to collaborate with Light Rust Studio to giveaway a completely customized thank you card. So today I am offering up 10 more pieces of advice to make your summer internship a success.

It's no secret that I love Teen Vogue magazine. Teen Vogue gives career advice regularly through their Tumblr page, We Heart It account, and website and I read each and every one. They've also added a Fashion At Work section to their print issues that give tidbits about the daily life of fashion industry personnel which has become one of my favorite sections of their magazine. I've compiled a list of the 10 best pieces of advice they've offered within their magazine. Even if you don't have an internship this summer, these are all great tips to use in the workplace so don't feel left out. Happy Summer and Bonne Chance!

1. "A great leader needs to ask a lot of questions, make clear, firm, decisions, and have a vision."

2. "Have other interests. Knowledge of art, history, music, and current events is important."

3. "Do your homework. Making an effort to learn about the place where you want to work will pay off

4. Keep in touch with contacts. You never know when you will meet them down the road."

5. "Positivity rules. No one likes a sad social presence. Being nice and happy is key!"

6. "Have a distinctive voice. Instead of posting 'Check this out!' with a link, say something unique about what's happening in the world." [in regards to using social media as a career tool]

7. "Hard work, humility, and sheer passion trump all."

8. "Take initiative. There is always more you can be doing. If you work hard, co-workers will notice, and you will grow your skill set."

9. "Ask for help. Most people will gladly give it."

10. "Stop worrying. It's all going to be OK! Don't stress out, and try to enjoy yourself"

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