Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Apply False Eyelashes

Makeup Mondays continues with Week 5: How To Apply False Eyelashes! I used to wear false eyelashes on a daily bases. I disregarded all of the experts who claimed falsies were a nighttime accessory and proudly wore my fake fringes to school almost everyday for 2 months during sophomore year. I've since set aside my stash of false eyelashes for fancy dinners and formal parties, but sometimes I miss the way they transformed my face from average-eyed teenager to porcelain-doll doe eyes. One can never not feel fancy and glamorous when wearing false eyelashes.

So for any of you planning to attend a gala or nightclub opening anytime soon here are the 4 simple steps to false eyelash application. However, the most important tip I have on falsies is that they take practice! You won't get it perfectly on the first try... or the second.... or the third (maayybbee the fourth...) so don't beat yourself up or get frustrated when it doesn't turn out right. If you mess up stay calm, take off what you have already put on, and start again. No biggie.

Step One: Remove lashes from their box by pulling from the middle. Then measure them against your eye cutting them just short of your natural lash line.

Step Two: Run a thin line of glue (black is best) along the lash band and wait 10-15 seconds or until glue is tacky. Do NOT apply while glue is still "wet."

Step Three: Carefully press the lash band along your natural lash line and hold it down for approximately 30 seconds. Do NOT release until the strip feels secure.

Step Four: Repeat steps 1-3 for your other eye. If applied correctly they shouldn't hurt or itch and should blend in with your natural lashes. 

Photo from Pinterest