Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Be Here Now: Tiny Time Machines

As a blogger there are tons of things I'd like to accomplish on my blog. Some of things take much longer and more experience than others and some of them take more money and more technology than I have, but one of the things I have been wanting to do for a while is host an Instagram giveaway. Many bloggers host giveaways for a multitude of reasons, particularly to drive traffic and gain popularity, but I want to host one to change someone's life. *Cue dramatic music* Okay, so that goal is a little extreme, but I really do mean it.

 A few months ago I came across an Instagram giveaway hosted by Tiny Time Machines. After entering the giveaway I looked into the company and read about the meaning of their products. I fell in love with their concept of living in the moment, finding happiness in the present, and being in the now. Even though I didn't win the contest I ordered 2 tiny time machines from their website, one that is completely white with "NOW" written in black letters on the face and another with a red and green band, yellow face, and the word "MOMENT" spelled out where the numbers would typically be. As a watch wearing and a compulsive time-checker, the first few days of wearing my tiny time machine were frustrating. I would be wanting to know the time only to look down and see "NOW" in stark, black lettering staring back at me. It wasn't until people started noticing the "watch" and asking about it that I fully began to embrace its meaning. It wasn't meant to rob me of time -- it was meant to give it back, hence the name tiny time machine. Now every time I look down at it I'm reminded that the most important time to be living in is now, and every time someone asks me about it I take the opportunity to share the Tiny Time Machine Movement because who knows who it might end up helping. One simple giveaway made all the difference which is why I use A Glamorous Revelation's Instagram account to promote giveaways from other bloggers and small businesses. You never know how someone will discovering a new blogger or brand: it might just be through an AGR Instagram post and it could very well change their life.

"NOW" watch/wristband: Tiny Time Machines, Woven bracelets: The Pulsera Project; Gold wire bauble bracelet: Britter and Jo,