Monday, April 7, 2014

Your Basic Guide To Makeup Brushes

Happy Monday, darlings! Today A Glamorous Revelation will be starting Makeup Mondays, an eight-part series that will compile all the basic makeup tips and tricks you need for your everyday routine. Makeup is one of the things I like to indulge in every so often. I love to learn about all the different "faces" I can create with just a handful of creams, powders, pencils, and brushes. To start off Makeup Mondays, I've made a guide to all the basic makeup brushes you need to create 101 glamorous versions of you. The best part is that these brushes work with any price range. They can be found in high end department stores as well as your local drug store and still work like a charm.
-Foundation brush: Used for smooth liquid and cream foundation application
-Concealer brush: For precision application and blending of concealer
-Powder brush: Used to apply loose or pressed powder for full coverage
-Contour brush: Used for precise contouring, blending, and highlighting along the cheekbone
-Blush brush: Used to apply loose or pressed blush for an over all natural look
-Eyeshadow brush: Used for basic application of powder eyeshadow 
-Highlighter brush: Used to lightly apply products like highlighter and bronzer or to brush away excess product like eyeshadow that has fallen on your cheeks.
-Eyeliner brush: For precise lining with gel eyeliner or eyeshadow

And here are 6 more brushes (plus a blending sponge!) you should add to your makeup bag...

Photos from, via Pinterest