Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Must Have Item For Spring: Sweatpants

If you would have told me two months ago that I would start wearing sweatpants on a regular bases I'd say you were lying. To me an outfit containing sweatpants was the equivalent to wearing old pajama pants with a dirty, raggedy tee. But that was two months ago and now almost anytime I want to wear pants I reach for my sweatpants. What changed my mind was a pair of genius sweatpant jeans from Flying Monkey. They're sweatpants but look identical to regular denim! I bought a pair from a local boutique on a Wednesday morning and loved them so much I went back and bought another pair that Thursday afternoon. I know it sounds ridiculous but hear me out. They are comfortable and come in different fits (I have boyfriend style and straight leg) and look professional enough for casual Friday. The ones I bought have a drawstring waist but come with front and back pockets, a zipper, and side seams. I usually role the bottom of each leg up a bit to create a more put together look, but there are so many different styles and washes to choose from that the possibilities are endless. Now that you've heard my testimony, go out and by yourself of pair of sweatpant jeans! And of course make sure to post a picture of how you style them on Instagram and tag @GlamorousRevelation_blog!

Picture from Pinterest