Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is Instagram The New Shopping App?

A few weeks ago A Glamorous Revelation finally got it's own Instagram page. I thought once AGR got an Instagram page I would only add photos when a new post went live on and on the occasion that I came across something cool, interesting, or pretty that I thought my readers/followers would enjoy. That has definitely not been the case! I barely use my personal Instagram anymore, opting for AGR's account to search out other bloggers and small businesses to follow and support. I never realized how many small businesses and start-ups there are in the world until I started exploring with my newest Instagram account.

Bloggers and businesses alike host and promote giveaways through Instagram on a daily basis, and they share content and product as if it were just another extension of their individual websites. A lot of businesses even sell their product directly from Instagram. Though Instagram still lacks features that would make this process 1000x easier (Like not being able to post direct links in picture captions -- Hello, Instagram! I'm sensing a much needed update in the near future!) many businesses are still doing it successfully. The buying/ordering options are typically providing your Paypal information in the comments section of a product's image, direct messaging the brand a picture with a request of a particular product you'd like, or clicking on their link in their "About Me" section at the top of their profile page to go to their website.

Instagram shopping is like the fairy dust of retail. When I told my friends about the bracelet I ordered from Instagram, they said they wouldn't believe it 'til they saw it. Just a few days later, they were awe struck when I walked into the room with a gorgeous new bauble bracelet dangling from my wrist. (Though, I strongly believe their awe was due in part to how amazing the bangle is. The pictures really do not do it justice.) The bauble bracelet I bought is from Britter and Jo (@britterandjo) and the "watch" is from Tiny Time Machines (@tinytimemachines) (both pictured above). Below I've listed 6 different bauble bangle businesses I found on Instagram and love.

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@BritterandJo: I love their simple single, double, or triple ball bangles that come in a pink (poppy), orange (shirley), and dalmatian jasper (the dottie). I requested a triple ball bangle and I absolutely love it. I've worn it everyday since it arrived. And not to mention their cute personalized packaging.

@HarperDesigns: Harper Designs specializes in large, chunky stones on their bangles that can be worn alone and still make a big statement. I especially love their dalmatian jasper bracelet and their pink turquoise slab (which unfortunately is currently sold out).

@LindseyLeighW: Lindsey creates traditional bauble bracelets, but she also makes bullet bracelets. They are just like bauble bracelets but instead of stones she uses bullets. And they're also available on leather cuffs and as dangling charms.

@ShopAntebellumBaubles: Antebellum Baubles offers a wide variety of bauble bracelets (including dalmatian jasper!), but the best part about them is that they sell their bangles in stacks. Each stack comes with three different bauble bracelets in three different stones. And if you want to mix and match bracelets from other stacks to create you own original stack all you have to do is request it!.

@ElliesSparkles: Ellie's Sparkles is for anyone who loves monogram. She sells traditional baubles bracelets along with monogram versions that have 3-initial lettering on a metal plate. They come in gold and silver so you can wear them with any set of jewelry.

@CeleneStones: The holographic stones CeleneStones uses for its bauble bracelets are enough to make them stand out from the crowd, but what I really love is their watercolor and textured beads bauble bangles. Additionally all of the stones and beads on their bracelets can be mixed and matched so if you like three different stones but want to buy only one bracelet, just ask for them to be all be put on one!