Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Yourself Out There: Blogger Confessions Pt 2

For those of you who did notice, yes those are fireworks in the background (for you mobile readers: unfortunately you can only see a hint of the celebration background on the edge of your screen) because yesterday A Glamorous Revelation turned 3 months old and yes, I will keep it that way all week :)

Last week I talked about the things I struggled with in my very first weeks of blogging. To continue the series, this week I'm talking about getting out of my comfort zone and coming out of my shell as a blogger. Only recently have I engaged in the blogger community and reached out to my fashion blogging peers. And within that short period of time I've gained confidence in myself as a blogger and have seen my viewership drastically increase. It makes me wish I would have done all of these things earlier to save myself from all the self-doubt I had. So here are the things I learned about getting myself out into the blogger community.

Sharing content from other blogs helps people understand you as a blogger. I have read a lot of blogs in the last few months and I have come across a lot of posts I really liked. But every time I came across a good post, instead of sharing it on Twitter or Tumblr I'd just bask in it's glory for a little while then move on the the next one. Now whenever I come across a post I really like, I share it on my social media platforms. Not only do I spread the love to other bloggers by introducing them to a new audience, I show my followers that I"m not just a blogger, but a member of a blogger community and a part of the blogging industry. And of course it always helps if the blogger shares your post or some of your content with his or her audience in return. This is one of the main reasons I now submit my best posts to IFB's Links A La Mode (btw, if you're a blogger you should really check out their website/blog!), a series Independent Fashion Bloggers hosts that allows fashion bloggers to share popular posts from other fashion bloggers on their websites. That's new exposure for the both of you.

Another way to branch out is to create social media accounts for your blog. They allow you to share your content across multiple platforms as well as increase the type and amount of information you can share. I intend to use the Glamorous Revelation Instagram page to show my readers/followers more of my home and everyday life that isn't on my blog. I also use my personal Pinterest to share my inspirations with readers by creating different boards that consist of pictures and links that I use when I get dressed, go shopping, do my makeup, redecorate, and cook. Facebook is also a popular social media platform among bloggers. Facebook fan pages create an environment for readers that is professional but very personal at the same time which can be a big advantage. And don't forget about Bloglovin'. Getting your blog among other blogs in your niche is an important way to get exposure and branch out in the blogging community.

By far the most important part of engaging the blogger community is commenting. Whether it be in response to comments on your own blog or as a part of the conversation on another blog, commenting makes all the difference. I mentioned before that it's important to share the blogs and posts you like with your followers and viewers. Likewise it's important to share your encouraging and helpful thoughts with the blogger who created the content through comments on his or her blog. Commenting on other blogs also adds to your exposure since most commenting platforms link your comments to your website. My most popular post to date has had most of its viewership come from a single blog post about a topic I cared about and had bogged about before. I decided to comment on it and attach a link to my post about the same topic. That made the difference in 6 pageviews versus 32. And now when you search my name on Google the very first hit is a post from a popular fashion blog that I chose to comment on. Just remember: spamming is not okay. Do not use a popular blogger's comment section as free advertisement for your blog. You should never be commenting just for the sake o viewership.

Are you a blogger? What social media platforms do you use and how? Do you comment on other blogs occasionally or on a regular basis? Join the community and share your thoughts!

Photos from Pinterest via We Heart It, Jeffrey Campbell on Instagram