Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 Insightful Blog Posts I Loved This Month

These monthly internet roundups are really the essence of who I am as a blogger. I love to share all of the different things I find in the world that make me feel glamorous in hopes of making someone else feel glamorous too. That's why I love the name A Glamorous Revelation. There are so many things we can discover everyday if we only just go out and look. I always say that so many people have changed my life even in the smallest of ways. For example, one of my best friends in Junior High introduced me to the heavenly, after-school snack that is mozzarella sticks and my life has not been the same since. I consider that a glamorous revelation because I discovered something that made me feel special, fancy, excited -- something that made me feel glamorous. As crazy as that might sound it's true. Anything that makes me feel better or look at life in a positive light is classified as glamorous in my book. So this month I'm sharing with you 3 blog posts I read that lead to a few of my many glamorous revelations.

Adorned In Armor is by far one of my favorite blogs and I look forward to every post she does. Finding a blogger that can merge fashion and Christianity flawlessly is incredibly difficult. Tarah posted "Naked" to explain why she decided to stop wearing makeup even though she loves all things beauty. She talks about her pure laziness but also mentions that she should't have to depend on makeup for security when she has Jesus. I love everything about it. Bravo, Tarah!

2) 10 Problems With Dating A Fashion Blogger 
by The Creative Bent
I don't remember how exactly I found this article, probably through IFB's Links A La Mode, but I really don't care where it's from because it's ridiculously hilarious. Swati's satirical yet honest list of why dating a fashion blogger is a bad idea made me literally laugh out loud. And like I've said before, since I loved it so much I had to tweet it to my adoring fans on twitter so they could join in on the laughter too.

3) Living Room Decor by Two Thirds Hazel
I love this post for one main reason: it gives me hope. I have a dream of having my own home and decorating it to Pinterest-worthy standards. For whatever reason, I've always thought that once you're out of college and in the real world life becomes serious. No more pink frills and fun lace to adorn you're bedroom. kitchen, or family room. Obviously my assumption is bogus because Erin's living room is a pretty piece of pink heaven. I hope she'll be available in 10 years for an interior design job.

Photos from their respective blogs