Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 Insightful Blog Posts I Loved This Month

These monthly internet roundups are really the essence of who I am as a blogger. I love to share all of the different things I find in the world that make me feel glamorous in hopes of making someone else feel glamorous too. That's why I love the name A Glamorous Revelation. There are so many things we can discover everyday if we only just go out and look. I always say that so many people have changed my life even in the smallest of ways. For example, one of my best friends in Junior High introduced me to the heavenly, after-school snack that is mozzarella sticks and my life has not been the same since. I consider that a glamorous revelation because I discovered something that made me feel special, fancy, excited -- something that made me feel glamorous. As crazy as that might sound it's true. Anything that makes me feel better or look at life in a positive light is classified as glamorous in my book. So this month I'm sharing with you 3 blog posts I read that lead to a few of my many glamorous revelations.

Adorned In Armor is by far one of my favorite blogs and I look forward to every post she does. Finding a blogger that can merge fashion and Christianity flawlessly is incredibly difficult. Tarah posted "Naked" to explain why she decided to stop wearing makeup even though she loves all things beauty. She talks about her pure laziness but also mentions that she should't have to depend on makeup for security when she has Jesus. I love everything about it. Bravo, Tarah!

2) 10 Problems With Dating A Fashion Blogger 
by The Creative Bent
I don't remember how exactly I found this article, probably through IFB's Links A La Mode, but I really don't care where it's from because it's ridiculously hilarious. Swati's satirical yet honest list of why dating a fashion blogger is a bad idea made me literally laugh out loud. And like I've said before, since I loved it so much I had to tweet it to my adoring fans on twitter so they could join in on the laughter too.

3) Living Room Decor by Two Thirds Hazel
I love this post for one main reason: it gives me hope. I have a dream of having my own home and decorating it to Pinterest-worthy standards. For whatever reason, I've always thought that once you're out of college and in the real world life becomes serious. No more pink frills and fun lace to adorn you're bedroom. kitchen, or family room. Obviously my assumption is bogus because Erin's living room is a pretty piece of pink heaven. I hope she'll be available in 10 years for an interior design job.

Photos from their respective blogs

Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick & Easy: 60 Seconds To Even Skin Tone

Happy Monday, Lovelies! Even skin tone is one of the main problems I have with makeup so for the fourth installment of Makeup Mondays I'm giving you a quick guide to flawless skin. When applying face makeup (i.e. not eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara, etc) my main struggles are 1) I scar very easily, especially between and around my eyebrows and 2) I always feel like if I put more than one product on my face I'm "caking it on." The first issue is actually legitimate. Whenever I have dark spots around my brow area I look like I have a bushy unibrow that makes me feel self-conscious which leads to me over-pluck and over-shape them creating a surprised, naked look between my eyeballs and forehead. The second issue is purely psychological because I have an irrational fear that while I'm applying my makeup someone will randomly enter my bathroom and judge me for my choices of facial adornments. This has happened to me a few times in the past by family members but nothing that would constitute my daily fear. But that's the thing with irrational fears; they are irrational.

With that being said, I'm going to share with you these not-so-secret tips on applying facial makeup for even skin tone with a single Pin spliced into 4 pretty little pieces. Sooo... Here we go.

Step One: Start With Primer. A good base is essential to long lasting even skin tone. I start off my makeup routine with a pea size amount of Shiseido Pureness Matifying Moisturizer and dab Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream onto my cheeks/under-eyes and between my eyebrows (due to my aforementioned insecurities). This sets up a smooth base for everything you apply afterwards to create an even skin tone.

Step Two: Apply A Sheer To Medium Coverage Foundation. Here's where the heavy duty work comes in. Use a sheer to medium coverage foundation on your entire face extending from your hairline to underneath your jaw and chin. Pay special attention to your T-zone and any area that has particularly noticeable discoloration. Of course once your done your skin should look smooth and glowing not thick or cake-y.

Step Three: Pat Concealer Over Imperfections. The easiest of the four steps simply pat, not wipe, concealer onto any imperfections or dark spots. Just make sure you're applying it after you apply foundation, not before.

Step Four: Powder To Even Skin. Face Powder is something I've only started using recently and have found it to be incredibly helpful. I've noticed my makeup lasts much longer than it used to and my skin looks as even as it did pre-Junior High. Obviously depending on your skin tone you'll wear a different shade of powder. However, I've found translucent powders to be the most effective.

Now flaunt you're Beyonce worthy skin because you. are. FLAWLESS.

Photos by via Pinterest

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Must Have Item For Spring: Sweatpants

If you would have told me two months ago that I would start wearing sweatpants on a regular bases I'd say you were lying. To me an outfit containing sweatpants was the equivalent to wearing old pajama pants with a dirty, raggedy tee. But that was two months ago and now almost anytime I want to wear pants I reach for my sweatpants. What changed my mind was a pair of genius sweatpant jeans from Flying Monkey. They're sweatpants but look identical to regular denim! I bought a pair from a local boutique on a Wednesday morning and loved them so much I went back and bought another pair that Thursday afternoon. I know it sounds ridiculous but hear me out. They are comfortable and come in different fits (I have boyfriend style and straight leg) and look professional enough for casual Friday. The ones I bought have a drawstring waist but come with front and back pockets, a zipper, and side seams. I usually role the bottom of each leg up a bit to create a more put together look, but there are so many different styles and washes to choose from that the possibilities are endless. Now that you've heard my testimony, go out and by yourself of pair of sweatpant jeans! And of course make sure to post a picture of how you style them on Instagram and tag @GlamorousRevelation_blog!

Picture from Pinterest

Monday, April 21, 2014

Diary Of A Beautiful Black Woman

When it comes to beauty products, being a black woman in a white woman's world is a serious struggle. I know that every makeup tutorial I watch on YouTube or beauty product review I read in a magazine isn't geared towards someone like me. My hair doesn't work with products the same way theirs does; makeup doesn't look that way on my face the way it does theirs. Everything I hear, watch, or read has to be altered because I am not the company or vlogger's ideal consumer. As a black woman I've always had the short hand when it comes to buying or using beauty products and for the most part I have always been okay with that. But imagine my excitement when not one but TWO black women were named the face of two popular beauty brands. A few weeks ago it was announced that Lupita Nyong'o would be the new face of Lancome and just a few days ago Jourdan Dunn was named the new face of Maybelline. They are both beautiful black women and I can't wait to see what each of these campaigns have in store for them.

Of course I couldn't leave you all with just that exciting information for week 3 of Makeup Mondays! This week I want to talk about all of the makeup products I've used and love for women of every color. Whenever I find a beauty product I love I want to share it with the world and convince everyone who will listen to buy it. So here I am for this third installment of Makeup Mondays trying to convince you to buy all of these amazing beauty products I love so very much.

1) KISS Foundation
Kiss New York Cover and Acne Cream Foundation is a colored woman's dream! It is a foundation and concealer in one and makes even the darkest spots blend in with your complexion. I have been using it since I started wearing foundation and it is the only product I use now that I used back when I first started wearing makeup. I don't know how else to describe it other than that I love it! All I can say is Google the before and after pictures of people who use their products because they are incredible and 100% accurate. Even-toned, luxe skin is now at your fingertips.

2) LASH EM Mascara
Mascara is tricky business for me. My eyelashes vary greatly in length and curl. Some of my lashes create a full barrel curl while others stick straight out horizontally. My complicated eyelash situation makes finding the right mascara difficult, but I've found that LashEm Extensions In A Bottle mascara works wonders. It's a double sided bottle -- one side has black mascara and the other side has a white fiber that contains lash extension serum. Within one week of using it I noticed my eyelashes looked longer and more uniformly curled. Now instead of combining three different mascaras to get the perfect eyelashes I use the black mascara side once, then cover it with the lash extension fiber, and finish it off with one top coat of the black mascara. Simple. Easy. Just one and done!

I never used bronzer up until four months ago. I tried out a few here and there, but none of them really stood out to me or suited my fancy. One day I saw Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow Sun Stones for a really good deal and purchased it with no intention of using it on a daily basis. After just one use I fell in love. I applied it over my blush and it created such a natural look that I questioned why I hadn't bought it before. Never have I ever found a product that makes blush on a black woman look so natural!

4) AVON Lipgloss
I have used Avon's Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss for four years and I absolutely love it. I originally ordered the sample size of Darling Pink, but when I realized how amazing it is I ordered two more tubes. I continued to order new bottles once the one I had ran out until they discontinued Darling Pink a few months back. Luckily last month they decided to bring it back so now Darling Pink is here to stay. But just in case I ordered three tubes and I couldn't be more excited to cover my lips in pink goo each morning.

5) REVLON Lipstick
I don't really like the intensity of most lipstick so I usually buy lip crayons. The best lip crayon I have ever used is Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (which has now been renamed ColorBurst Balm Stain) in Cherish. It has a refreshing minty smell whenever you put it on your lips and the color appears soft and lasts throughout my day. Among all the other lipsticks and crayons I've tried and compared, Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable/Colorburst balm is the best. Lipstick like coverage meets the subtlety and softness of lip balm.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Raves & Rants: The Hashtag

The last time I did a Raves & Rants post I threw some shade at Twitter users who felt the need to bombard everyone's news feed by live tweeting every popular show on the face of the planet. So to keep with the theme of Twitter and its many facets, I'm going to talk about The Hashtag. Hashtags are no longer confined to just Twitter. They have grown wings and now inhabit Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat (yes, Snapchat! Put #negative in your next snapchat caption and see what happens, I dare you.). But really the only hashtags that matter (for this post at least) are the ones who call Twitter home -- The Hashtags. And you want to know why The Hashtags are the only hashtags that matter? Because they inspired "#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, the best late night talk show segment on cable. Whichever creative genius came up with this hilarious concept deserves an #Award. I seriously cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at my television screen. And of course my new favorite hand gesture is The Hashtag. Whenever the slightest opportunity presents itself, I throw two peace signs up, double tap them together, and proceed to list any hashtag that even vaguely pertains to the subject at hand. I could keep talking about The Hashtag, but instead I'm just going to let it speak for itself.

And here's the link for the video for all of you mobile users :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Darling Pink From Atlantic-Pacific

I have a genuine crush on the color pink. No matter what (or who) it's on or what shade it's in I love it. And these skirts are no exception. I got the pink skirt I'm wearing on sale and every time I wear it I wish I had gotten a couple of extra just in case anything were to happen to the one I have. This midi skirt on Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is also a perfectly pretty pink piece I'd love to have. I love the whole outfit, but the skirt is really what makes it fabulous. I've already written about how much I love this outfit and that I'd love to wear it out and about for my everyday activities on A Glamorous Revelation before so it's only fitting that I'd post the finished product here as well. I've switched out her hot pink midi with a pale pink skater skirt and decided that a short sleeve top would be a much better option than long sleeves in this warm-ish weather. If only I had a giant striped hat to wear I could play Blair Eadie for the day. Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day feeling like a pretty pink princess. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Sunglasses: Coach, Top: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Derek Heart, Boots: Rampage

Photo from

Monday, April 14, 2014

Deal Or No Deal: M.A.C. Lipsticks

As I've mentioned before, A Glamorous Revelation is partaking in an eight part beauty series titled Makeup Mondays. Last Monday's post was a basic guide to 14 different makeup brushes you can use for your everyday makeup routine, this week is a special edition of Deal Or No Deal featuring 10 different MAC lipsticks and their look-a-likes. Lipstick is the one thing I buy a TON of (I currently have 6 different lip products in my purse, all of which have been purchased within the past 3 months) so I love to find cheap lipsticks that have the look of high end brands.

Above are 12 different lipsticks categorized in 4 basic colors/shades and 3 different price ranges. Below is a full list of MAC lipsticks and their drugstore counterparts. I personally love Wet & Wild's "Pinkerbell" and am looking forward to trying out Revlon's "Stormy Pink".

Friday, April 11, 2014

Stressed, Depressed, But Well Dressed

Tomorrow is ACT Saturday. The day I dread but also don't mind but also fear but also am excited about. Yeah that day. There's nothing too special about tomorrow seeing that ACT Saturday comes around six times every year and this will be my third time taking it, yet I'm still a little nervous and am kicking myself for sitting on my butt and doing blog related things all week instead of studying. But here I am writing another blog post and not hitting the books, which means I have that much more to study tonight as I cram the little bits of information I hope will help me tomorrow morning. What I really should be thinking about though, is what I'm going to be wearing. Not just tomorrowing during The Test but also tonight when I embark on my night long study journey. The t-shirt and shorts combo I choose for tonight and the leggings and blouse I choose for tomorrow make as much of an impact on my scores as what I'll end up studying. One of the most important pieces of advice I've received in regards to the ACT or really any test or stressful circumstance is that if you go in thinking you'll fail you most likely will, and if you go in thinking you'll succeed you most likely will. That's why I always dress my best in stressful situations. Being confident in how I look translates to my mood and performance which makes everything turn out better in the end. So here are six graphic tees to make studying for the ACT, finishing up that project, or getting whatever it is you need to get done done throughout the night a bit more successful. Just pair 'em with your favorite pair of pajama shorts or sweatpants and a cup of Jo and you're good to go. Bonne Chance!

Old Navy

Juicy Couture

Photo from We Heart It

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is Instagram The New Shopping App?

A few weeks ago A Glamorous Revelation finally got it's own Instagram page. I thought once AGR got an Instagram page I would only add photos when a new post went live on and on the occasion that I came across something cool, interesting, or pretty that I thought my readers/followers would enjoy. That has definitely not been the case! I barely use my personal Instagram anymore, opting for AGR's account to search out other bloggers and small businesses to follow and support. I never realized how many small businesses and start-ups there are in the world until I started exploring with my newest Instagram account.

Bloggers and businesses alike host and promote giveaways through Instagram on a daily basis, and they share content and product as if it were just another extension of their individual websites. A lot of businesses even sell their product directly from Instagram. Though Instagram still lacks features that would make this process 1000x easier (Like not being able to post direct links in picture captions -- Hello, Instagram! I'm sensing a much needed update in the near future!) many businesses are still doing it successfully. The buying/ordering options are typically providing your Paypal information in the comments section of a product's image, direct messaging the brand a picture with a request of a particular product you'd like, or clicking on their link in their "About Me" section at the top of their profile page to go to their website.

Instagram shopping is like the fairy dust of retail. When I told my friends about the bracelet I ordered from Instagram, they said they wouldn't believe it 'til they saw it. Just a few days later, they were awe struck when I walked into the room with a gorgeous new bauble bracelet dangling from my wrist. (Though, I strongly believe their awe was due in part to how amazing the bangle is. The pictures really do not do it justice.) The bauble bracelet I bought is from Britter and Jo (@britterandjo) and the "watch" is from Tiny Time Machines (@tinytimemachines) (both pictured above). Below I've listed 6 different bauble bangle businesses I found on Instagram and love.

P.S. Don't forget to follow A Glamorous Revelation on Instagram to find out about all the small businesses I love and follow as well as giveaways hosted by other bloggers and businesses that you can enter.

P.P.S. A Glamorous Revelation was featured in IFB's Links A La Mode last week. Check out all the posts that were selected in the widget on the left side of your screen.

@BritterandJo: I love their simple single, double, or triple ball bangles that come in a pink (poppy), orange (shirley), and dalmatian jasper (the dottie). I requested a triple ball bangle and I absolutely love it. I've worn it everyday since it arrived. And not to mention their cute personalized packaging.

@HarperDesigns: Harper Designs specializes in large, chunky stones on their bangles that can be worn alone and still make a big statement. I especially love their dalmatian jasper bracelet and their pink turquoise slab (which unfortunately is currently sold out).

@LindseyLeighW: Lindsey creates traditional bauble bracelets, but she also makes bullet bracelets. They are just like bauble bracelets but instead of stones she uses bullets. And they're also available on leather cuffs and as dangling charms.

@ShopAntebellumBaubles: Antebellum Baubles offers a wide variety of bauble bracelets (including dalmatian jasper!), but the best part about them is that they sell their bangles in stacks. Each stack comes with three different bauble bracelets in three different stones. And if you want to mix and match bracelets from other stacks to create you own original stack all you have to do is request it!.

@ElliesSparkles: Ellie's Sparkles is for anyone who loves monogram. She sells traditional baubles bracelets along with monogram versions that have 3-initial lettering on a metal plate. They come in gold and silver so you can wear them with any set of jewelry.

@CeleneStones: The holographic stones CeleneStones uses for its bauble bracelets are enough to make them stand out from the crowd, but what I really love is their watercolor and textured beads bauble bangles. Additionally all of the stones and beads on their bracelets can be mixed and matched so if you like three different stones but want to buy only one bracelet, just ask for them to be all be put on one!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Your Basic Guide To Makeup Brushes

Happy Monday, darlings! Today A Glamorous Revelation will be starting Makeup Mondays, an eight-part series that will compile all the basic makeup tips and tricks you need for your everyday routine. Makeup is one of the things I like to indulge in every so often. I love to learn about all the different "faces" I can create with just a handful of creams, powders, pencils, and brushes. To start off Makeup Mondays, I've made a guide to all the basic makeup brushes you need to create 101 glamorous versions of you. The best part is that these brushes work with any price range. They can be found in high end department stores as well as your local drug store and still work like a charm.
-Foundation brush: Used for smooth liquid and cream foundation application
-Concealer brush: For precision application and blending of concealer
-Powder brush: Used to apply loose or pressed powder for full coverage
-Contour brush: Used for precise contouring, blending, and highlighting along the cheekbone
-Blush brush: Used to apply loose or pressed blush for an over all natural look
-Eyeshadow brush: Used for basic application of powder eyeshadow 
-Highlighter brush: Used to lightly apply products like highlighter and bronzer or to brush away excess product like eyeshadow that has fallen on your cheeks.
-Eyeliner brush: For precise lining with gel eyeliner or eyeshadow

And here are 6 more brushes (plus a blending sponge!) you should add to your makeup bag...

Photos from, via Pinterest

Friday, April 4, 2014

6 Style Blog Posts I Loved Last Month

I have a love/hate relationship with personal style bloggers. On one hand I love the outfit inspiration and the aspirational aspect of a $1,500 outfit draped casually over a "common" person's physique. Additionally, personal style bloggers tend to have excellent photography and styling skills that are very much uncommon. But on the other hand I don't feel compelled to visit websites that simply post a few pictures followed by a couple of lines of outfit credits without offering any sort of textual insight. I have Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram for that! But last month I found myself clicking through post after post looking for exquisitely styled outfits that I could translate to my oh-so-glamorous everyday life. So let me share some of the treasures I found while on my little hunt. And thankfully, they gave me a little bit of  literary composition to feast on as I searched.

1. Walk In Wonderland: I've featured Sheryl from Walk In Wonderland on A Glamorous Revelation before and picking just one of her many amazing outfits was difficult, but this overall outfit was too good to pass up. I'm excited to embrace the overall trend this summer and I see myself in a pair very much like these and styled in a very similar way.

2. Cupcakes And Cashmere: Just the name of her blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, let's you know that Emily will be your number one stop for feminine and frilly outfit ideas. This outfit is so delicate and and feminine I can only image feeling like a princess in it. Oh, and did I mention those little fuzzy balls on her sweater are 3-dimensional!

3. Atlantic-Pacific: I am a new follower/reader of Atlantic-Pacific and going into it I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that it was a well-know, well-liked style blog run by a blonde haired beauty. It didn't take me long to realize her outfit posts would make me feel equal parts jealous and inspired.

4. Keiko Lynn: I love Keiko Lynn! She is all my fashion, style, and beauty dreams wrapped in a pretty style blogger little package. After seeing this picture I actually went to to find the exact top she is wearing.

5. Chioma's Evolution Of Style: The one thing that sold me on this outfit was the holographic point-toe flats she wears as if they are standard black ballet slippers. When I first saw the holographic trend I quickly pushed it to the side opting out of the tacky material. Or so I thought. This outfit with those shoes make me want to go out and buy a pair right this second.

6. Atlantic-Pacific: Another great look from Atlantic-Pacific. The effortless beachy vibe, neon accents, leather sandals, and striped top are an outfit dream come true. And better yet, totally doable! Whenever I go back to Panama City Beach, this outfit will be on my mind throughout the entire packing process.

Photos from Walk In Wonderland, Cupcakes And Cashmere, Atlantic-Pacific, Keiko Lynn, Chioma's Style Evolution

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Yourself Out There: Blogger Confessions Pt 2

For those of you who did notice, yes those are fireworks in the background (for you mobile readers: unfortunately you can only see a hint of the celebration background on the edge of your screen) because yesterday A Glamorous Revelation turned 3 months old and yes, I will keep it that way all week :)

Last week I talked about the things I struggled with in my very first weeks of blogging. To continue the series, this week I'm talking about getting out of my comfort zone and coming out of my shell as a blogger. Only recently have I engaged in the blogger community and reached out to my fashion blogging peers. And within that short period of time I've gained confidence in myself as a blogger and have seen my viewership drastically increase. It makes me wish I would have done all of these things earlier to save myself from all the self-doubt I had. So here are the things I learned about getting myself out into the blogger community.

Sharing content from other blogs helps people understand you as a blogger. I have read a lot of blogs in the last few months and I have come across a lot of posts I really liked. But every time I came across a good post, instead of sharing it on Twitter or Tumblr I'd just bask in it's glory for a little while then move on the the next one. Now whenever I come across a post I really like, I share it on my social media platforms. Not only do I spread the love to other bloggers by introducing them to a new audience, I show my followers that I"m not just a blogger, but a member of a blogger community and a part of the blogging industry. And of course it always helps if the blogger shares your post or some of your content with his or her audience in return. This is one of the main reasons I now submit my best posts to IFB's Links A La Mode (btw, if you're a blogger you should really check out their website/blog!), a series Independent Fashion Bloggers hosts that allows fashion bloggers to share popular posts from other fashion bloggers on their websites. That's new exposure for the both of you.

Another way to branch out is to create social media accounts for your blog. They allow you to share your content across multiple platforms as well as increase the type and amount of information you can share. I intend to use the Glamorous Revelation Instagram page to show my readers/followers more of my home and everyday life that isn't on my blog. I also use my personal Pinterest to share my inspirations with readers by creating different boards that consist of pictures and links that I use when I get dressed, go shopping, do my makeup, redecorate, and cook. Facebook is also a popular social media platform among bloggers. Facebook fan pages create an environment for readers that is professional but very personal at the same time which can be a big advantage. And don't forget about Bloglovin'. Getting your blog among other blogs in your niche is an important way to get exposure and branch out in the blogging community.

By far the most important part of engaging the blogger community is commenting. Whether it be in response to comments on your own blog or as a part of the conversation on another blog, commenting makes all the difference. I mentioned before that it's important to share the blogs and posts you like with your followers and viewers. Likewise it's important to share your encouraging and helpful thoughts with the blogger who created the content through comments on his or her blog. Commenting on other blogs also adds to your exposure since most commenting platforms link your comments to your website. My most popular post to date has had most of its viewership come from a single blog post about a topic I cared about and had bogged about before. I decided to comment on it and attach a link to my post about the same topic. That made the difference in 6 pageviews versus 32. And now when you search my name on Google the very first hit is a post from a popular fashion blog that I chose to comment on. Just remember: spamming is not okay. Do not use a popular blogger's comment section as free advertisement for your blog. You should never be commenting just for the sake o viewership.

Are you a blogger? What social media platforms do you use and how? Do you comment on other blogs occasionally or on a regular basis? Join the community and share your thoughts!

Photos from Pinterest via We Heart It, Jeffrey Campbell on Instagram
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