Monday, March 24, 2014

The Best Time To Shop

I don't know if it is the warm weather, the official start of spring, the beginning of the end of this school year, the fact that I'll be refereeing again soon (which means $$$), or the combination of all four that makes me reeaally want to shop. I have an almost entirely new collection of clothes for spring, but I still long for more. Oh how I wish it was Christmas again.

Part of what's holding me back from all the shopping I'd like to indulge in is my shopping calendar. I have a general calendar for certain things that I buy every year. It's not written down or finite, but it does help me feel more satisfied with the money I spend in the long run. 

So when is the best time to buy season-specific, every-year items? Well, it depends on the item obviously.

The Best Time To Shop For...

The end of the summer has proven to be the best time to buy swimwear. Most items will be on sale, including the universal solid color, polka dot, striped, floral, etc., pieces that you can wear from year to year. Because it is the end of the summer you will most likely have your average summer tan (rather than your pre-summer lighter complexion) which may affect the way a swim suit appears on you. And typically by the end of the summer you are at the size you are comfortable being in a swim suit in. If you shop before summer, you may have the tendency to buy a swim suit based on your expected weight loss (or gain) and may end up with a swim suit that won't fit you.

There is no set schedule when designers and celebrities come out with new fragrances but there are two times throughout the year that you are almost certain to get a deal on a perfume bottle or set: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Perfume is a popular gift for women so it makes sense that these two female centered holidays would create perfume deals and steals. The specials are typically a type of buy-one-get-one or particularly nice or extra free gift, but they can get pretty creative. One Mother's Day Dillard's had an artist on site to hand paint any perfume bottle purchased within the weeks leading up to the holiday FOR FREE.

I don't ever go out looking to buy pajamas but somehow I end up buying at least one new set a year. The best selection of pajamas can usually be found in November, around the time consumers begin Christmas shopping, and in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. Though the pajama selection in late January/early February is usually Valentine's Day themed, it holds some of the prettiest and frilliest designs that you can't help but smile in. Pajamas are also common Christmas gifts so stores tend to beef up their selections by the beginning of November. There are usually a lot of Black Friday sales for pajamas, so while your picking up your new tv or laptop you can get yourself a good deal on a few sets of pajamas. And if Black Friday's not your thing. Nowadays a lot of stores offer the same if not additional deals on their website on Cyber Monday; some even start their sales before Black Friday.

Bikini and Pajama Pants: Juicy Couture, Perfume: Miss Dior Cherie

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