Monday, March 17, 2014

The Power Of A Great Pair Of Shoes

Over the weekend I got an unexpected card in the mail from my best friend. Since we live 1,000 miles apart it's not unusual for me to see something in the mail with her return address on it. However, the square shaped envelope (as opposed to a standard-sized letter or flat rate gift package) caught me off guard. Inside was a card that reads "She had nothing to wear... but Great Shoes" and a handwritten note saying "Out of all my friends you have the best taste in shoes!" After the initial feeling of joy from receiving mail from my best friend I was flattered. To be seen in such high esteem in someone's eyes (especially hers) was an instant confidence booster. 

The card also left me thinking "What do my shoes say about me?" and "What do others think of my taste?" Naturally, I entered my closet, chose my favorite pairs of shoes, and attempted to visualize my shoe selection from an outsider's perspective. After a few short minutes I determined that I am a loud jack-of-all-trades master-of-none who doesn't like being uncomfortable. How did I determine all of that from a handful of shoes you ask? Well the prints and patterns speak for themselves but the other elements are bit more subtle. The cloth interiors and padded soles give away the comfort aspect. And the wide variety of style, color, and material --  characteristics of the aforementioned jack. Someone did once say it's not so much about the shoes, but the person wearing them.

L-R: Rampage boots (on sale in brown here), Betsey Johnson loafers, Coach ballet flats, L.E.I. wedge sandals, Chemistry sneakers, Old Navy sandals