Friday, March 28, 2014

Keeping Up With The Joneses: Blogger Confessions Pt I

I've made it! A Glamorous Revelation will be celebrating 3 months next week and needless to say I am VERY excited. They say the majority of blogs don't make it past 3 months so ever since Day One I have had April 1st marked on my calendar. I've been reading Brass Honey for a little while now and some of my favorite posts by Shannon are the ones documenting her early blogging experiences (which you can find here, here, and here). One of the first things she mentions is the lack of new bloggers sharing their experiences and helping out other fellow newbies. I can completely relate so I decided a little while back that at the 3 month mark I'd come clean. Blogging is not at all what I thought it would be so I thought it'd be best if I shared my glamorous blogging revelations with you right here on A Glamorous Revelation.
First up: Oh, the glories of the blogger stereotypes.So far I've seen two main "sets" of blogger stereotypes. The first being that all blogs are simply online journals and the bloggers behind them are sad, depressed and/or antisocial people who need a place to share their feelings. The internet is a great place to share your feelings, but it is almost laughable to think that is the average blogger profile, especially in the realm of fashion. The other is that all the good fashion bloggers must be in their early to mid-twenties, thin, White and have an extensive designer wardrobe. WRONG! I fit into none of those categories, (and neither do many other "successful" bloggers) and I believe my blog is on the road to success. Stereotypes are just that: stereotypes. Don't let them bring you down.

And of course the "How Did You Start Blogging" topic. When reading the comments and "About Me" pages of all the different blogs out there I realized that A LOT of bloggers contemplated starting a blog for a while before actually doing it. One even said it took her FIVE YEARS to actually get started. I virtually discovered the blogging industry, decided to become a blogger, and started my own blog in a matter of weeks (three to be exact). Compared to everyone else, this made me feel like I was ill-prepared to face the blogging world and be successful. I did my research and read other blogs, but my three weeks had nothing on the aforementioned blogger's five years. Here's the truth: what you love to do is what you love to do. Whether you've known you loved it for five years or five days, you love it and that is what really matters.
Lastly, the "Write A Blog You Would Read" advice. I have definitely struggled with this one. In the beginning I tried to create content that would be able to stand side by side with the other blogs I read. I tried to write about entertainment news and share outfit posts on a regular basis, but everything always turned out stale to me. Now I try to create content on my blog that I would like to see on other blogs. I choose each week's topics because they are what I am interested in AND what I think would be a good contribution to the blogosphere. In the beginning it may feel authentic to be your own version of your favorite blogs, but it won't last. Use your blog to add things to the blogging community that weren't there before. Don't rewrite the story -- fill in the blanks. 

Any new bloggers out there? What were the obstacles you had to overcome when you first started blogging? Tell me. Tell us! There are new bloggers out there that need your help so come forth and share your valuable information.

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