Short Hair Inspiration From James Dean to Jennifer Hudson

First let me address two things.
Number One: When I have short hair it seems like everyone else has beautiful long locks, but once I have long hair I notice all the gorgeous and edgy short hair styles that are out there. Does this happen to anyone else? Granted I change my hair A LOT more than most people, but I'd like to think at least one other person feels this way.
Number Two: I feel the need to mention that though I cut my hair very short it's not some dramatic chop off. My hair barely skimmed my shoulders before the cut and most of the hair you've seen on my head isn't my own. So really the most drastic change in length was the removal of my extensions rather than the actual cutting of my hair.

With that being said, a haircut it still a haircut. Most anytime I put a razor or scissors to my hair I feel as if it's a new beginning. Short hair changes you and I think every woman should cut her hair short at least once in her lifetime. The look is not for everybody, but it is a learning experience. Celebrities are my main source of hairspiration when I go short. I've been inspired by virtually the same ones since my very first chop four or so years ago and have added on a few more who have had more recent cuts.

(When I was younger, the barbershop my brothers went to and I subsequently spent most my Saturday mornings in had a poster size image of James Dean on the wall. I was so inspired by the picture that after my first major haircut I declared I wanted to be the female James Deans. I searched the Internet and couldn't find the exact picture that hung on the wall but the one I picked is close enough.)

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