Monday, March 31, 2014

Cupcake Confections Among Other Things

What is so special about March 29th?!?! It seemed like everyone and their mother had something planned on March 29th and I can't figure out why for the life of me. Most of my weekends are spent at home or doing a little local shopping so when I found a couple of events that I wanted to attend I got a bit excited. Well more than a bit. I got really excited. But that excitement quickly turned to sadness which then turned to anger which then turned into disappointment which is the state I'm in as I write this post. Instead of hopping from event to event across the state of Tennessee I went grocery shopping, got my eyebrows waxed (which gets #7 crossed off the list), and attended a cupcake competition, which is where those delicious cupcakes pictured above are from. So for the sake of my sanity and in hopes of making myself feel better, I am going to tell you all about my would-have-been but never-were Saturday plans.

Cher Lloyd was in Nashville, guys! As in CHER LLOYD was in NASHVILLE, less than a hundred miles away from me, singing her heart out to hundreds of adoring fans. If only you knew how much I want to hear Cher Lloyd sing to me. If only...

And to the east of me on Saturday morning was an open house at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I get incredibly obsessive and worrisome when it comes to colleges and careers and missing this open house is just another thing to add to my college and career planning screw ups list. (Thank God that list doesn't actually exist).

It also just happened to be the opening weekend for my school's production of Les Miserables. I had been looking forward to Les Mis ever since they announced it would be the spring production and to not see it with my friends was like taking the icing off of the cake. Regardless, it was amazing and I cried throughout the entire Sunday afternoon performance.

Soccer season was supposed to start on Saturday. But thanks to the spring rain, all the games I was scheduled to referee were canceled. Yay for not having to work; boo for not getting paid!

Okay, now I feel a little bit better. Partly because I finally organized all my sad, anti-weekend plans thoughts and partly because you actually read them. It's like blogger therapy.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Keeping Up With The Joneses: Blogger Confessions Pt I

I've made it! A Glamorous Revelation will be celebrating 3 months next week and needless to say I am VERY excited. They say the majority of blogs don't make it past 3 months so ever since Day One I have had April 1st marked on my calendar. I've been reading Brass Honey for a little while now and some of my favorite posts by Shannon are the ones documenting her early blogging experiences (which you can find here, here, and here). One of the first things she mentions is the lack of new bloggers sharing their experiences and helping out other fellow newbies. I can completely relate so I decided a little while back that at the 3 month mark I'd come clean. Blogging is not at all what I thought it would be so I thought it'd be best if I shared my glamorous blogging revelations with you right here on A Glamorous Revelation.
First up: Oh, the glories of the blogger stereotypes.So far I've seen two main "sets" of blogger stereotypes. The first being that all blogs are simply online journals and the bloggers behind them are sad, depressed and/or antisocial people who need a place to share their feelings. The internet is a great place to share your feelings, but it is almost laughable to think that is the average blogger profile, especially in the realm of fashion. The other is that all the good fashion bloggers must be in their early to mid-twenties, thin, White and have an extensive designer wardrobe. WRONG! I fit into none of those categories, (and neither do many other "successful" bloggers) and I believe my blog is on the road to success. Stereotypes are just that: stereotypes. Don't let them bring you down.

And of course the "How Did You Start Blogging" topic. When reading the comments and "About Me" pages of all the different blogs out there I realized that A LOT of bloggers contemplated starting a blog for a while before actually doing it. One even said it took her FIVE YEARS to actually get started. I virtually discovered the blogging industry, decided to become a blogger, and started my own blog in a matter of weeks (three to be exact). Compared to everyone else, this made me feel like I was ill-prepared to face the blogging world and be successful. I did my research and read other blogs, but my three weeks had nothing on the aforementioned blogger's five years. Here's the truth: what you love to do is what you love to do. Whether you've known you loved it for five years or five days, you love it and that is what really matters.
Lastly, the "Write A Blog You Would Read" advice. I have definitely struggled with this one. In the beginning I tried to create content that would be able to stand side by side with the other blogs I read. I tried to write about entertainment news and share outfit posts on a regular basis, but everything always turned out stale to me. Now I try to create content on my blog that I would like to see on other blogs. I choose each week's topics because they are what I am interested in AND what I think would be a good contribution to the blogosphere. In the beginning it may feel authentic to be your own version of your favorite blogs, but it won't last. Use your blog to add things to the blogging community that weren't there before. Don't rewrite the story -- fill in the blanks. 

Any new bloggers out there? What were the obstacles you had to overcome when you first started blogging? Tell me. Tell us! There are new bloggers out there that need your help so come forth and share your valuable information.

Photos by,, and Tumblr

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Little Obsession: Juicy Sport

It's somewhat surprising to me that I am just now writing a post about Juicy Couture. Anyone who's known me for a decent period of time knows that Juicy Couture is one of the reasons I love fashion today. My love for Juicy Couture combined with my newfound desire to exercise (partly because of the fast approaching summer and partly because my job requires me to run around on a field in a place best known for its gym) has gotten me interested in Juicy Sport, Juicy's new line of workout gear. I've had my on the collection since it's debut, particularly these floral and striped leggings, but now as I click through the collection I picture myself walking into a gym decked out in each of the items on my screen. And even if I don't wear any of the pieces to the gym, I'd wear them with the rest of my wardrobe for my regular everyday activities. The t-shirts and tank tops especially can be worn on a casual day shopping downtown during the summer. And because Juicy has endless amount of sales at any given time I might just be able to purchase all the pieces I want in time for my summer shenanigans. Just writing this post with the evening sun shining through my open window gets me excited for the coming season. But let me not get ahead of myself. Spring just started and the high temperatures and California cool that the summer harbors isn't quite within reach. At least the snowy, frigid weather of winter is dead and gone. That's about the only thing that keeps me hopeful. Summer cannot come soon enough!

Photos from

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Best Time To Shop

I don't know if it is the warm weather, the official start of spring, the beginning of the end of this school year, the fact that I'll be refereeing again soon (which means $$$), or the combination of all four that makes me reeaally want to shop. I have an almost entirely new collection of clothes for spring, but I still long for more. Oh how I wish it was Christmas again.

Part of what's holding me back from all the shopping I'd like to indulge in is my shopping calendar. I have a general calendar for certain things that I buy every year. It's not written down or finite, but it does help me feel more satisfied with the money I spend in the long run. 

So when is the best time to buy season-specific, every-year items? Well, it depends on the item obviously.

The Best Time To Shop For...

The end of the summer has proven to be the best time to buy swimwear. Most items will be on sale, including the universal solid color, polka dot, striped, floral, etc., pieces that you can wear from year to year. Because it is the end of the summer you will most likely have your average summer tan (rather than your pre-summer lighter complexion) which may affect the way a swim suit appears on you. And typically by the end of the summer you are at the size you are comfortable being in a swim suit in. If you shop before summer, you may have the tendency to buy a swim suit based on your expected weight loss (or gain) and may end up with a swim suit that won't fit you.

There is no set schedule when designers and celebrities come out with new fragrances but there are two times throughout the year that you are almost certain to get a deal on a perfume bottle or set: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Perfume is a popular gift for women so it makes sense that these two female centered holidays would create perfume deals and steals. The specials are typically a type of buy-one-get-one or particularly nice or extra free gift, but they can get pretty creative. One Mother's Day Dillard's had an artist on site to hand paint any perfume bottle purchased within the weeks leading up to the holiday FOR FREE.

I don't ever go out looking to buy pajamas but somehow I end up buying at least one new set a year. The best selection of pajamas can usually be found in November, around the time consumers begin Christmas shopping, and in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. Though the pajama selection in late January/early February is usually Valentine's Day themed, it holds some of the prettiest and frilliest designs that you can't help but smile in. Pajamas are also common Christmas gifts so stores tend to beef up their selections by the beginning of November. There are usually a lot of Black Friday sales for pajamas, so while your picking up your new tv or laptop you can get yourself a good deal on a few sets of pajamas. And if Black Friday's not your thing. Nowadays a lot of stores offer the same if not additional deals on their website on Cyber Monday; some even start their sales before Black Friday.

Bikini and Pajama Pants: Juicy Couture, Perfume: Miss Dior Cherie

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Short Hair Inspiration From James Dean to Jennifer Hudson

First let me address two things.
Number One: When I have short hair it seems like everyone else has beautiful long locks, but once I have long hair I notice all the gorgeous and edgy short hair styles that are out there. Does this happen to anyone else? Granted I change my hair A LOT more than most people, but I'd like to think at least one other person feels this way.
Number Two: I feel the need to mention that though I cut my hair very short it's not some dramatic chop off. My hair barely skimmed my shoulders before the cut and most of the hair you've seen on my head isn't my own. So really the most drastic change in length was the removal of my extensions rather than the actual cutting of my hair.

With that being said, a haircut it still a haircut. Most anytime I put a razor or scissors to my hair I feel as if it's a new beginning. Short hair changes you and I think every woman should cut her hair short at least once in her lifetime. The look is not for everybody, but it is a learning experience. Celebrities are my main source of hairspiration when I go short. I've been inspired by virtually the same ones since my very first chop four or so years ago and have added on a few more who have had more recent cuts.

(When I was younger, the barbershop my brothers went to and I subsequently spent most my Saturday mornings in had a poster size image of James Dean on the wall. I was so inspired by the picture that after my first major haircut I declared I wanted to be the female James Deans. I searched the Internet and couldn't find the exact picture that hung on the wall but the one I picked is close enough.)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Should You Ban Bossy?

Your answer to the pictured question is the answer to "Should You Ban Bossy?" If you answered no then no you should not, if you answered yes then yes you very well should.

Maybe you've seen the hashtag #BossyBan thrown out on twitter a couple of times or you've seen the clip/quote about Beyoncé being The Boss... Or maybe not. If you haven't, the Ban Bossy campaign encourages everyone to remove the word "bossy " from his or her vocabulary to allow school-age girls to be ambitious in the classroom and later on in adulthood. The media has been up in arms over this campaign poking hole after hole in its execution, message, and feminism legitimacy. Many of those sounding off against Ban Bossy make valid points: the banning of a simple word will hardly make a difference, young girls can be bossy and need to be told so, strong feminist women shouldn't be bothered by the term bossy especially when there are worse words out there, etc. But is that what Ban Bossy is really about?

When I read all of those things I can't help but think "You're missing the point!" I believe the Ban Bossy campaign is meant to create behavioral equality. Its key message is that the behavior that warrants a young girl to be labeled bossy is the same behavior that earns a young boy the label of leader. This isn't to say that young girls get a free pass to be unkind and controlling, it just means we shouldn't use bossy to describe the characteristics of a good leader. However, their approach seems a bit extreme and under-explained. We shouldn't ban the word bossy, we should ban bossy being used synonymously with decisive, assertive, strong willed, or intelligent. Bossy is only as derogatory of a term as you make it. (Notice the women who now use the word slut as a form of endearment and to show kinship rather than to demean a woman of promiscuous behavior.)

The Ban Bossy team made the mistake of depending heavily on the power and popularity of big names such as Beyoncé and Condoleezza Rice to garner support and interest (which in many cases backfired) instead of educating the public on the direct effects of being called bossy and the use of bossy among peers. To effectively encourage ambition in young girls through the appropriate use of the term bossy, we must look superficially at Ban Bossy rather than dig deeper. The influence of Ban Bossy lies solely in its opening statement: "When a little boy asserts himself, he's called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.”"

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Power Of A Great Pair Of Shoes

Over the weekend I got an unexpected card in the mail from my best friend. Since we live 1,000 miles apart it's not unusual for me to see something in the mail with her return address on it. However, the square shaped envelope (as opposed to a standard-sized letter or flat rate gift package) caught me off guard. Inside was a card that reads "She had nothing to wear... but Great Shoes" and a handwritten note saying "Out of all my friends you have the best taste in shoes!" After the initial feeling of joy from receiving mail from my best friend I was flattered. To be seen in such high esteem in someone's eyes (especially hers) was an instant confidence booster. 

The card also left me thinking "What do my shoes say about me?" and "What do others think of my taste?" Naturally, I entered my closet, chose my favorite pairs of shoes, and attempted to visualize my shoe selection from an outsider's perspective. After a few short minutes I determined that I am a loud jack-of-all-trades master-of-none who doesn't like being uncomfortable. How did I determine all of that from a handful of shoes you ask? Well the prints and patterns speak for themselves but the other elements are bit more subtle. The cloth interiors and padded soles give away the comfort aspect. And the wide variety of style, color, and material --  characteristics of the aforementioned jack. Someone did once say it's not so much about the shoes, but the person wearing them.

L-R: Rampage boots (on sale in brown here), Betsey Johnson loafers, Coach ballet flats, L.E.I. wedge sandals, Chemistry sneakers, Old Navy sandals

Friday, March 14, 2014

How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day (Alcohol Free)

As a friend of my sister would say, it's almost Leprechaun Time. Unofficial holidays are my pot of gold (tehehe!) because they give me a reason to be over-the-top cliché. But St. Patty's Day is one of those that I, as an underage law-abiding teenager, cannot celebrate traditionally. I mean, yeah I can wear a green T-shirt that says "Kiss Me, I'm Irish", but clearly I am not and isn't St. Patrick's Day really about the beer and pubs. So for any of you who have been worrying the same thing, fret no more. I have compiled a list of cliché things to do this St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy!

1) Start your day off with Green Eggs and Ham and a bowl of Lucky Charms. 

2) Then wear some green! Like head to toe green: shirt, shoes, pants, underwear, jewelry, makeup. The full nine yards.

3)  And on your way home from work or school, don't forget to pick up your Shamrock Shake... Or kale salad or celery sticks or afternoon juice cleanse drink. Whatever suits your fancy.

4)  And when you get home, watch The Simpsons, The Office, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother. They all have Saint Patrick's Day themed episodes just for days like this.

5)  Finally, before you go to bed, run a bubble bath dyed green (20 or so drops should do) and relax. Don't worry, it won't dye your skin green. At least I hope not.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

101 in 1001

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! For the most of us Spring Break is upon us and with that comes many things. Going on vacation and relaxing at home originally come to mind, but I also love to get work done and feel accomplished over Spring Break. As I mentioned here Spring Break is usually the time where people abandon their New Year resolution goals. I, however, have made it a point to consult my New Year resolutions list throughout the past couple of months to make sure I am on task to accomplish everything by the end of 2014. For the most part, I have been keeping up with everything on my list (though I can't say it's that big of a feat since there are only three things on it) and have found the feeling of accomplishment to be vastly rewarding.

So, as inspired by Brass Honey and other blogs, I have decided to do the 101 in 1001 challenge. "101 in 1001" is a list of 101 things you plan to do in 1001 days; a bucket list of sorts. Below I have listed my 101 things and my start and end dates of the 1001 days. I have been in the process of making this list for about six weeks now so some of the things have already been completed, therefore the start date is March 1 and not today. I will be keeping track of my progress on A Glamorous Revelation on the page marked "101 in 1001"which you can find in the tabs at the top of the page. The 1001st day will be just shy of my 20th birthday so it will be a combined celebration of accomplishment and success. I hope this inspires you to live in the moment, do things now, and experience life because sometimes we all take life too seriously when at times it's really meant to just be fun.

Start Date: March 1, 2014
End Date: November 25, 2016

1. Travel out of the country
2. Go to the beach
3. Go on an overnight trip without my family or church
4. Eat a vegan diet for 21 days
5. Go 14 days without wearing makeup 
6. Run a 5K every six months
7. Get my eyebrows waxed
8. Die my hair an unnatural color
9. Get another piercing
10. Get a professional manicure
11. Work out at a gym
12. Read 100 books
13. Apply to college
14. Go to college
15. Write a good essay in 45 minutes or less
16. Make a 34 or higher on the ACT
17. Participate in a Bible study
18. Share my testimony
19. Start a prayer journal
20. Go 30 days without buying anything every year
21. Buy something I love a full price
22. Buy a tablet
23. Buy a subscription to Dysfunkshion Magazine
24. Own Dr. Martins
25. Buy fruit at a farmers market
26. Buy a bottle of Miss Dior Cherie Perfume
27. Pick 8 outfit pieces and where only those things for 10 days
28. Admit I don't like Vogue Magazine
29. Send Glamour Magazine a letter about my "comments, complaints, & concerns"
30. Start a "business"
31. Learn to code
32. Maintain my blog
33. Create social media accounts for A Glamorous Revelation
34. Email my favorite bloggers to tell them how much they inspire me
35. Referee U-10 soccer game
36. Referee a U-12 soccer game
37. Become a certified 08 referee
38. Create a bloglovin account
39. Open a savings account
40. Learn to speak French
41. Learn the basics of flower arranging
42. Learn the basics of photography
43. Learn to operate a sewing machine
44. Learn to eat with chopsticks
45. Go one week without retweeting anything on Twitter
46. Try 31 different flavors of ice cream
47. Touch a cat
48. Go to a concert
49. Get my driver's license
50. Gain the courage to delete my Facebook account...
51. …Then do it
52. Complete a 24 hour movie marathon
53. Shoot a golf score "too young to retire" (64 or less)
54. Go 72 hours without complaining
55. Jump off of a diving board
56. Make 100 cupcakes to get to 100 people I do not know
57. Host/attend a sleepover
58. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
59. Ride a horse
60. Go ice-skating
61. Order from the Starbucks secret menu
62. Grow a flower from seed to bloom
63. Ride a Ferris wheel 
64. Watch St Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink, and 16 Candles from beginning to end
65. Try on dresses at a store for no apparent reason
66. Donate blood
67. Go ziplining
68. Go to a movie theatre and watch a movie alone
69. Buy a customized piece of jewelry
70. Jump on a trampoline
71. Learn sign language
72. Buy a pair of sweatpants & wear them to school
73. Get a professional massage
74. Craft an intricately designed paper snowflake
75. Watch "The Notebook"
76. Buy an NLT (or similar) bible
77. Get a set of personal luggage
78. Cut my hair
79. Learn how to tie a tie on someone else
80. Become a legal adult
81. Ride in the back of a pickup truck
82. Get a tattoo
83. Have a Savings Jar and put money in it regularly
84. Ask a guy for his number
85. Kiss a stranger
86. Try a spaghetti taco
87. Go to a high school/college party
88. Dance in the rain
89. Graduate from High School
90. Buy a snow cone
91. Tell someone special how special they are to me
92. Make a difference for the causes I care about
93. Partner up with a brand I love on A Glamorous Revelation
94. Inspire someone else to do 101 things in 1001 days
95. Win a contest
96. Write a guest post on someone else's blog
97. Donate or Sell some of my clothes
98. Learn the basics of interior design
99. Write letters on a regular basis.
100. Get a professional pedicure.
101. Think of 101 things to do in 1001 days

Monday, March 10, 2014

Emerald City

Sometimes dressing up and being a bit "fancy" is actually the most relaxed outfit option. Nine times out of ten when I'm having a lazy day my outfit will be some combination of a skirt and loose top. Here I reinterpret this relaxed look from the Walk in Wonderland blog, substituting the emerald sweatpants for a maxi skirt and her fitted long sleeve tee for a loose crop top.

Crop top: Splash, Maxi skirt: Worthington, Bag: Phillip Lim for Target "Pashli", Watch/Wristband: Tiny Time Machine, Nails: Essie "My Better Half" & Modicure nail wraps

Photo from Walk in Wonderland

Friday, March 7, 2014

Raves & Rants: Live Tweeting

When I was on Twitter last night I was on the verge of screaming at my phone. As I scrolled through my feed I saw tweet after tweet of Scandal spoilers. It was as if everyone who watched the premiere was unaware that there are people in the world who plan to watch its second showing just a few hours later. And I don't feel this way about just Scandal. I don't even watch Scandal. I  don't like live tweeting for any popular show (i.e. Downton Abbey, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters). I don't feel this way, however, about reality tv. In fact, I am the one who will blow up your Twitter feed during a new episode of Real Housewives, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Dance Moms. The idea of live tweeting is great; getting to interact with people who are watching the same things you are in real time. But for those of us who aren't watching and plan to later... Let's just say it makes for unhappy campers. 

How do you feel about live tweeting? God sent or God awful? Feel free to sound off in the comments section.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Watercolors For Spring

I'm baaack! I've returned from my much needed exam break and am happy to be back blogging again. Exams are one of the worst times of the semester and they never fail to make me regret all the work and initiative I didn't take earlier in the year. And now that all of that is out of the way I'm ready to celebrate spring break! It's a good thing the winter wonderland we've had this year seems to be coming to an end (now I feel as if there is going to be 3 inches of snow tonight just because I said that) because I have already taken all my comfy winter sweaters to my attic and replaced them with my new, ready to be worn spring wardrobe. Watercolor inspired goods have crept their way into my heart this spring, pushing out the typical pastel themed items. The fluidity and airiness that comes with everything watercolor exudes what I feel Spring 2014 is all about.

1) Balloon Girl iPhone 5c Case,
2) Juicy Couture Office Organizer,
3) Saachi Abstract Watercolor Scarf,
4) Matthew Williamson Blouse,
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