Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day & New York Fashion Week

I have decided to join the masses in the fashion blogosphere and talk about Valentine's Day and New York Fashion Week. I'd love to attend NYFW one day and I love Valentine's Day, but there have been more pressing matters on my mind. And those matters go by the name Sochi 2014. But after seeing figure skating, ski jumping, snowboarding  and a whole lot of other icy sports, I think there's room for a little bit of love and fashion. I mean, I am a fashion blogger! So pictured are some of the cookies I've chosen this year for Valentine's Day (not pictured are the deliciously homemade chocolate chip cookies I specially ordered for V-Day), and a few of the NYFW runway and streetstyle looks I saw (via the internet, obviously) and liked.

Pictures by Fashionista and The Man Repeller