Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Despite all the work I'm getting done, I still have more things I need to do. Midterms are this week and even though I am way less stressed than I was last week, I'm not completely satisfied with all my work. So to focus on school and getting what I need to get done done I am taking a couple of days off from the blog. Once spring break starts, I'll be back on my blogging game, but until then, happy Exam Week and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Deal Or No Deal: Monogram Sweater

When I go shopping, I take on one of two personalities; the incredibly stingy shopper who won't spend more than $10 on any one item or the shopaholic who buys anything and everything in sight, regardless of the cost. More often than not, I'm the former. Instead of breaking the bank on costly designer duds, I find alternatives that have what I love about [insert designer item here] with a much friendlier price tag. 

I bought my monogrammed sweater at Old Navy on sale for $12 (originally $29.99) and it is now one of my favorite sweaters I own. And I saw the Lilly Pulitzer sweater on Pinterest with a link to being sold for $98.

P.S. Old Navy offers matching monogrammed gloves and iPhone cases to go with your monogrammed sweater!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Great esCAPE

I've been on an emotional roller coaster with school lately and I think I am finally reaching the end off of the track to get off the ride. I was filled with relief and satisfaction today when I turned in the pile of homework that had been boiling at the bottom of my bag, threatening to release a stress bomb. I still have a couple of reports and projects to finish up and turn in next week, but the majority of my time will be spent enjoying my new found freedom.

Cape: Preston & York, Leggings: Fit 2 Go, Bag: Givenchy, Shoes: Rue 21 (previously seen here)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quick & Easy: The 60 Second Updo

This simple updo has changed my life. I now have a solution for the lazy days when I reluctantly straighten and style my hair when I'd much rather just throw it up in a messy topknot. With the mere 60 seconds it takes to accomplish, this hairstyle is shamefully easy. All you do is place an elastic headband(s) over your hair at the desired position, roll or twist hair into the headband(s), and voilĂ !

Blue Tie-Dye Headband: Juicy Couture; Silver Double Braided Headband: Walmart

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Little Obsession: The Pashli Bag

My latest little obsession is the Phillip Lim Pashli bag. They've been around for a while now and have been seen on the arms of magazine editors, fashion bloggers, and models alike. I didn't think anything of them really, until I read all the high praises Shannon from Brass Honey had for her Pashli. I'm hoping to get the mini (pictured above and below) in black in the near future. Fingers crossed!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Don't Go Snowing On My [Valentine's Day] Parade

So much has changed since my last post two days ago. Then I was giddy for Valentine's Day, filled with fashion inspiration, and finally getting excited about my upcoming trip to a water park resort. Now I am overly stressed about schoolwork, grades, and the upcoming sports seasons. If you had asked me one week ago if I'd like to spend 30% of my spring semester at home for "inclement weather" I'd have said yes before you even had time to finish the question. But now, with barely two weeks left until spring break and a whole lot left to learn and do, I am praying that the snow subsides and the sun shows it's face again throughout the entire county. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day & New York Fashion Week

I have decided to join the masses in the fashion blogosphere and talk about Valentine's Day and New York Fashion Week. I'd love to attend NYFW one day and I love Valentine's Day, but there have been more pressing matters on my mind. And those matters go by the name Sochi 2014. But after seeing figure skating, ski jumping, snowboarding  and a whole lot of other icy sports, I think there's room for a little bit of love and fashion. I mean, I am a fashion blogger! So pictured are some of the cookies I've chosen this year for Valentine's Day (not pictured are the deliciously homemade chocolate chip cookies I specially ordered for V-Day), and a few of the NYFW runway and streetstyle looks I saw (via the internet, obviously) and liked.

Pictures by Fashionista and The Man Repeller

Monday, February 10, 2014

Long Live Nail Art

Nail art will never not be a thing for me. 'Grammers and Tumblr girls have squeezed nail art dry in terms of posts per second, but the free feeling that comes with 10 newly blank canvases every two weeks won't be phased out anytime soon. Along with the many manicured hand clasping nail polish bottle pictures I have saved, I have drawn new inspiration from the beautiful things around me, thanks in no small part to the nail artist feature in the lastest issue of Seventeen Magazine. Here are my Kardashian/Jenner inspired, Louboutin nails.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Going For The Gold: Olympic Inspired Jewelry

Yay, yay, yaaay! Could my excitement be any more evident? The 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony is today which means we will finally get to see USA's oh-so patriotic Opening Ceremony outfits go down their runway. In honor of all the athletes competing for gold in Russia, I've rounded up 5 gold accessories I'm loving right now.

1. Bar Necklace: Mia 
2. Stack Ring Set: Love Me by Curtis Kulig Jewelry
3. Bangle: Love Me by Curtis Kulig Jewelry
4. Watch: Kate Spade New York
5. 3 Heart Necklace: Love Me by Curtis Kulig Jewelry

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Everybody's Got It: YouTube

Nowadays, it seems everyone and their mother has a YouTube channel. Whenever I'm on my phone or laptop, I subconsciously avoid YouTube, quickly exiting out of any link that leads me to the site, Cher Lloyd music videos and The Fault In Our Stars movie trailer being the only exceptions. What I dislike about YouTube is the very thing that makes it great -- the wide variety and abundance (we're talking billions!) of videos. One thing always leads to another and what is originally meant to be a quick search for a "Perfect Macarons" tutorial becomes a six minute video titled "Squirrel Storing Nuts in Elderly Man's Coat Pocket." Despite my efforts, YouTube has won the battle. Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, and Bravo TV, along with many designers in the midsts of Fashion Week(s) have discovered the great power of YouTube and are using it to their advantage, sucking consumers like me in. YouTube 1, Munachi 0. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Trading Laces

I once read an article in Glamour magazine that stated "Never wear a dress with the belt it came with." Let me just say, I completely disagree. In many cases, I switch out the pre-designated belt for one of my, but more often than not I just stick with the original. The same cannot be said for my shoelaces. In the instances when one should be asking, "What would I wear with these shoes," I am asking "What shoelaces should I use instead." Usually, I replace my actual shoelaces with colorful ribbons for a more creative and unique look because a lot of times, an original is better than the original.

Oxfords and Lace Trim Top: Rue21, Ribbon Laces: Offray, Tights and Striped Purse: Betsey Johnson, Cheetah Print Leggings: Princess Vera Wang, Gold Jewelry: Claire's, Rue21, and Juicy Couture
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