Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Little Obsession: Sparkly Heels

It's very easy for me to go shopping with a particular item in mind and get sidetracked by something I accidentally come across along the way. I saw these black, sparkly heels while shopping for Dr. Martins and couldn't resist trying them on. After parading around the store in them for about five minutes, I concluded that they are the perfect pair of party shoes. I don't go to parties much, so within those five minutes I also concluded that I would start living a partying lifestyle just to have an excuse to buy sparkly heels. If I had bought them, I would pair them with harem pants, a mid-thigh length pencil skirt, or corduroy shorts. Sparkly heels are surprisingly versatile... Or maybe I just wear everything with anything and tell myself that means it's versatile.