Wednesday, January 29, 2014

9 Internet Posts I Loved This Month

1. CFDA/NFL: Got $248-$2,200 to blow? Buy a couture football helmet. 

2. Instagram : Why is this so funny?! Can't. Stop. Laughing.

3. Fashionista: Further proof (as if we needed more) that Emma Watson is fantabulous.

4. Twitter: This picture showed up on my twitter feed multiple times this month and I love it! Because it's funny and cute and because I truly miss #TeamValdaya

5. The Man Repeller: I am definitely going to do this the next time I "Have Nothing To Wear

6. Keiko Lynn: This look is perfect for someone like me who only has 2 eyeshadows: pink and glitter. (Literally.)

7. Vine: This little girl is just too cute! I am currently looking online for a place to purchase a "Skylynn Grier" of my own. 

8. Fashionista: Team USA Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Outfits. One word: Wow. (Disclaimer: I actually really like them!)

9. YouTube: And of course, The Fault In Our Stars movie trailer. I am on the verge of tears watching, even thinking, about it. June 6 cannot come soon enough. Okay? Okay.