Friday, May 26, 2017

What's New // Finding Ferdinand

Finding Ferdinand, The Overnight Palette, The Overshadow Palette, The Rose Palette, custom lipstick, FFGirl, custom makeup
photo by Finding Ferdinand

My custom Finding Ferdinand lipstick has been my go-to for the past year and a half -- yes, I've been using the same amazing shade of lipstick for the 18 months. I happened upon Finding Ferdinand when their only product was the Starter Kit and customizable lipstick. Since then they've introduced lipstick crayons, which I have yet to try despite my undying love for sheer lip crayons, and mini lipsticks. More recently, though,they've forayed into all areas of makeup and now have completely customizable makeup palettes. Rather than just going to Finding Ferdinand to create a one of a kind lipstick, you can now put together your own palette with the exact shades and color combinations you want. 

The Overnight Palette, as it's been dubbed, includes your choice of bronzer, blush, highlighter, and eyeshadows in whatever shades you choose. There are literally thousands of possible combinations and each set comes with two double sided brushes for applying each step. However, the fun doesn't stop there. Finding Ferdinand just introduced The Rose and The Overshadow palettes which are completely customizable sets of 6 blushes, bronzers, and highlighters (The Rose Palette) or your choice of 8 matte, metallic, and/or shimmery eyeshadows (The Overshadow Palette). Now you can carry all of your makeup around in one, custom palette and not have to worry about dealing with that one shade of eyeshadow or blush that you know you'll never wear. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer Pick Me Up

lipstick palette: Finding Ferdinand; perfume: Callio Fragrance c/o
necklace: Little April Showers; greeting card: Tayham
lipgloss: Trust Fund Beauty c/o; nail polish: Trust Fund Beauty in "Blow" c/o

This summer is already showing signs of overbearing heat and long work days. I will be the busiest I've ever been for the next three months and am hoping to find joy in the little things whenever I inevitably feel like I'm going to drown in my responsibilities. So far that has been bubble baths and endless sheet masks (I've indulged in one every night this month...), but I've also found some solace in some long time favorites such as my Finding Ferdinand starter kit and my artwork-as-jewelry hot air balloon necklace from Little April Showers, which closed back in 2015 to my chagrin.

Of course, Trust Fund Beauty always makes an appearance in the summer because Blow, which is no where to be found on their website, is the perfect non-opalescent white nail polish for warmer weather and Pretentious Pout is about as bubble gummy, prep girl pink as they come for college woman like me who still wish they could go to summer camp. I'm planning to switch back to Callio Fragrance's "Summer"' scent once the temperature gets into the triple digits, but there's something about Adele that I absolutely love. I've never been more in love with a fragrance since my elementary school days when I begged my mom to repurchase Still by Jennifer Lopez every time I ran out. Also there's something about getting the 5th bottle of your signature scent that makes you feel like a real adult, ya know. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

My Little Obsession: Violet Grey

Violet Grey, Violette_fr, The Violet Files, french girls, beauty routine,Into The Gloss, ITG,

I can't believe that it took me so long to finally jump down the rabbit hole that is Violet Grey. Actually, I've never really been a devout reader of magazine-esque beauty blogs. But as it turns out, I have just been cheating myself because Violet Grey is the answer to so many of my beauty dreams. In particular, The Violet Files. Violet Grey presents itself as an online destination for shopping high end beauty while simultaneously discovering the world of beauty. The subsection "The Violet Files" features interviews and how-to's and celebrity beauty routines and pretty much various peaks behind the curtain of the ever-so-exclusive beauty and entertainment industry. 

My obsession with Violet Grey goes even deeper into The Violet Files. I've been binge watching/reading all of Violette's videos/articles on Violet Grey. Violette, the resident "French girl" has her own sub-subsection within The Violet Files where, for the most part, she does fairly average beauty things but somehow makes it 10x cooler. I'm a little ashamed to fall for the "let's all fawn over the cool, French girl and be jealous of how effortless she is." I have been so opposed to the glorification of French women in the fashion and beauty industry, but somehow this feels different. Maybe it's her French accent that reminds me of my french professor from freshman year or maybe it's because she has just a little bit of that unconventional beauty that eurocentrism typically lacks. I can't quite put my finger on why I love Violette and Violet Grey as a whole so much, but I do and sometimes things you love don't need an explanation.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

4 New Releases To Get Excited About

Milk Makeup, Ouai Haircare,, So Worth Loving, Rose Hair Oil, Bando Agenda, Blur Stick, Blur Spray, Sephora, Summer Must Haves

The month of May is always littered with product releases and new collections from smaller, indie brands, Because I have way more free time and make more money during the summer I'm always hyper-aware of the new summer must-haves. However, in between all of the major releases going on there seems to be quite a few gems that are flying under the radar. So Worth Loving quietly came out with a brand new muscle tee in burnt red and I barely heard about it amid Glossier SPF Instagram posts and The Ordinary's serum foundation uproar.

Everyone was so hyped about Milk Makeup's holographic stick coming out in the new shade Mars they seemed to forget about the new Blur Spray that might just be my knight in shining armor this summer. Asia Jackson raved about how great the Blur Stick is as a primer so I can only imagine that the mist will be perfect for keeping my makeup matte throughout the summer heat.

On that same note, both Ouai Haircare and dropped amazing new products in the shadows their other highly anticipated releases. Just last month, Ouai came out with its inaugural collection of hair supplements that Jen Atkins and her squad promoting for months leading up to the release day. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Ouai drops their two-in-one Rose Hair and Body Oil. I'm still on my rose scented skincare kick (I just bought Jurlique's rosewater balancing mist) so I've already added it to my wishlist despite my disappointment in their original hair oil.

On May 1st, had their annual, highly anticipated agenda release. Per usual, the covers were amazing and everyone freaked out about just how amazing everything about's agenda's are, but what no one seemed to notice was all of the other insanely cool thing also dropped that same day. The "Agenda Shop" was filled to the brim with new goods and an entirely new batch of tech accessories and drinkware are on the horizon.

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