4 New Releases To Get Excited About {September}

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Every year there are so many new releases in fall because that's when the fashion industry decides to reset itself and start anew; the New Year's of fashion and beauty, if you will. For those of you who love the It factor and extravaganza of New York Fashion Week then September means submerging yourselves in a pool of instant runway coverage via Snapchat (r.i.p. Style.com) while you wait for you're favorites to drop next spring. For me, someone who's eye is always on the artistic works of the small business sector, September is the month of new product, new product, new product.

Glossier released its newest masterpiece yesterday -- The Supers -- which have been formulating for months. I ordered Super Glow from between the sheets of my bed 1 hour after they'd been released and am now patiently waiting for the opportunity to put my "skin first, makeup second." But, my know means does that mean I am any less obsessed with Finding Ferdinand's newest goodies. The lipstick minis were just released a few weeks ago and have won my heart over. I've created three customer colors already and have an #FFGirl minis collection that's already five deep. Keeping with the theme of mini beauty, both Callio Fragrance and Ouai Haircare dropped collections with mini versions of their bestselling products. Ouai, the hair care brand created by the hair styling goddess Jen Atkins of Kardashian fame, now has its super luxe hairspray, mousse, and hair treatments for half the size and a fraction of the cost. Even when you're just headed to your parents house for the weekend, with the sleek grey packaging and rich formulas you'll feel like you're traveling in style. And while you're on your little weekend trip you can also spritz your favorite scent without having to use up valuable space in your bag or risk TSA confiscating your full size bottle. Callio Fragrance has graced us with the perfect mini spray bottle that we've always needed but never had. Today, Callio Fragrance added a .33oz spray bottle of all its perfumes to complete the trio of perfu-mania -- full size, rollerball, and now mini spray bottle. To add to the hype, there's also a 30% off anniversary sale going on at CallioFragrance.com right now so there really is no excuse to not get your favorite perfume week.

My Thoughts On Life... and Kanye vs. Taylor

.... Year 2 of the great college adventure has started and I'm equal parts psyched and nervous.

.... There are a ridiculously amazing amount of new products coming from my favorite companies. I am actually giddy with anticipation. Keep your eyes peeled for more Callio Fragrance, Finding Ferdinand, and Glossier on the blog soooon.

.... I kept with my I AM VERY BUSY tradition and bought the medium sized, ice blue version from Ban.do last month. From the OG blue and gold, to the pale pink of yesteryear, and now we're here.

.... My lifeblood this summer was all the Kimye vs Taylor Swift drama. Fellow Team Kimye members, where y'all at?

.... AGR now has its own Facebook page that I'm obsessed with. After all the social media I've been doing for years, I don't know why I held out so long for Facebook because it is by far the easier platform for bloggers.

.... I officially have more Balm Dotcom than I could every consume in a lifetime. I just bought my 10th tube and I'm a little ashamed.

Instafamous // Barbie Style

In a social media driven world, I don't know why I'm shocked that one of the most influential people in the world has a style blog inspired Instagram account. With all of the hate that has circled around Barbie for years, I'm glad to finally be able to join a community of people who still think she's as bada** as it gets. I used to feel like the lone soldier among Barbie's seemingly infinite number of haters. But now, as I turn that blue button green, I become one of 1.5 million people who support the incredibly well dress OG It girl and her gang.

The best part of @BarbieStyle isn't Barbie's seamless transition into the ultra-modern world of oversharing, but that she posing in front of chic street vendors and well known monuments; she's always adorned in accessibly stylish clothing, and she is featured with so many of her friends in various shapes, sizes, skin colors, and hair types. Quite honestly Barbie, the girl who as been badgered for decades about her unrealistic and unhealthy promotion of a single beauty standard, has the most diverse social media presence of any "influencer" I've come across. And rather than tout the diversity with body encouragement hashtags and snarky comments that shut down the years of hate she's received, it goes practically unmentioned. It's treated as if it's the norm. Barbie doesn't have to brag about having a friend with a head full of dreads or explain why she and her friends don't all have the same size 4 waist line. It just is. She lives the life that I wish we all could live -- stylish, filled with friends, and representing all of the different people we're surrounded by without judgement or insecurities. 

Photos via Instagram.com/BarbieStyle

The Only Pink Lipstick You Need This Fall

lipstick, kylie jenner lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, trust fund beauty, finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipstick, kylie jenner lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, trust fund beauty, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipstick, kylie jenner, lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipstick, kylie jenner lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, trust fund beauty, finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipsticks: Trust Fund Beauty c/o, Finding Ferdinand c/o, and Kylie Cosmetics:
coloring book: EmmaKisstina

 As much as magazines and beauty bloggers want us to believe we need 20 of the best new lipsticks (or any everyday makeup item, for that matter) for fall, we reeeaally don't need to drown ourselves in buckets of waxy pigments. Inevitably you'll experience the three stages of beauty-buying remorse with 1) excitement for all of the color possibilities, 2) adoration when you find that one amazingly beautiful color among the bunch, and then 3) carrying on for the next 3 months using your newfound favorite lipstick and ignoring all the others you bought in a frenzy. Instead put your money where it matters and get the the one and only lipstick you'll need this fall: the perfect pink that'll go with you're everyday outfits and you're jazzed up looks for night time extravaganzas.

If you love: ultra-shine lip gloss
Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipgloss in Pretentious Pout
Pretentious Pout can only be described as a lip smackers-esque level of glittery shine that sits atop the girliest of pinks. The exact shade is practically identical to MAC's "Pink Nouveau" (my favorite lipglass of all time) and long-wearing shine and subtle sparkle are just 90's enough to be nostalgic without crossing over into childish territory.  

If you love: perfect everyday lipstick
Finding Ferdinand Creamy Lipstick in A Glamorous Revelation
If you want something done right do it yourself, right? Instead of continuing my endless search for the perfect shade of pink lipstick, I just went to Finding Ferdinand and created my own custom color. You can create absolutely any lipstick shade you want and with FF's new minis you can order several different blends of colors before picking your favorite. Literally all you need is two minutes and $6 and you can have your own custom shade of lipstick sent straight to your door.

If you love: long-wearing matte lipstick
Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Posie K
Despite the ongoing battle between Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits and Colour Pop's affordable dupes, I still maintain the ideology that I support brands and business(wo)men rather than faceless companies and mass marketing machines so getting a Lip Kit was always a no brainer for me. The formula is almost perfect (it's a little too drying, but aren't all matte liquid lipsticks?), the color is great as a mature alternative to my typical baby doll pinks, and it is the most long-wearing lip product I've ever used in my life. After hours of swimming around in the pool and a day full of talking, sweating, and lip rubbing there's barely a smudge on my lips. Easy application + everlasting wear + wearable color = my liquid lipstick dreams

5 Podcasts For Every Commute

man repeller podcast, oh boy, bloomberg news podcast, beauty podcast, monocycle podcast, material world podcast, strong opinions loosely held, refinery 29 podcast, coffee with dani podcast, fat mascara podcast, best episodes, commute, millennial podcasts

Coffee with Dani: Wanna have coffee with some of the best underground entrepreneurs in London and New York. Transcontinental blogger and girl gang supporter Dani sits down with movers-and-shakers each week to talk about entrepreneurship, media, politics, dating and so much more. At about 35 minutes each, Coffee with Dani is great for you're morning drive to work, especially if you'll be stopping by Starbucks on your way.

Fat Mascara: For all of the women who wish beauty blogging was just a bit more 'educated' shall we say. There's no shame in the consumer perspective that beauty blogs offer, but Fat Mascara steps it up several notches by interviewing the likes of Beyonce's world tour makeup artist, the one and only Deborah Lippman, and a number of celebrity dermatologists. Also, did I mention that it's hosted by two beauty editors from Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire? While each episode would be great for your subway ride home after a long day, it's equally great to listen to while getting ready in the morning.

Material World: Every wondered how skinny jeans are single-handedly killing the fashion industry? Or how athleisure rose to popularity because of Title IX? Or you may have considered how current marijuana dispensaries feel about the impending federal legalization of Mary Jane? If not, you will now since Material World ventures into the social science of consumer goods and how small things can affect an industry/society in a subtle way (think: Miranda Priestly's speech about Andy's cerulean blue sweater). If you're ever carpooling, this is your best bet for 30 minutes of quality entertainment and approx. 20 minutes worth of perfect discussion material with your girlfriends/co-workers after you finish each episode.

Strong Opinions Loosely Held: While the topics covered during most episodes of Strong Opinions Loosely Held are on the more serious side each of the podcasts mentioned above, the 20 minute cap on each one makes it much less of a debate and more of a very creative discussion. Misogynistic dating and the alleged vocal fry of the Kardashians are talked about with the same degree of interest and education. So anytime you hop on your bike to head to the farmer's market or across town to meet up with a friend, derail your strongest opinions while pedaling your life away

Monocycle: Leandra and co.have expertly produce two ultra Man Repeller-esque podcasts, but in my humble opinion Monocycle is the better of the two. In less than 15 minutes Leandra digs deep into whatever topic she's feeling that day (creative burnout? the Paris terrorist attack? fashion week pretentiousness? yep!). As a college student Monocycle incredibly convenient for my morning walk to class, but it's also a worthy choice for your lunch time commute to and/or from your daily eatery of choice. 

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